Hapy New Year To All My Fellow rockettes


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Aug 20, 2008
:1:I would just like to say to all my fellow rockettes

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:35:

Lots of love,
Mirabelle, xxxxx:40:
Happy new your mira, and everyone else,Hope its a good year for one and all.xx
Happy New Year Mira & all at Rocks!
Hope everyone has a good year & buys lots more lovely bling! :41::1: xx
I'd like to say much the same as above!
Happy New Year to you Myra, and to all the Rocks Krew, and of course to my lovely fellow rockaholics!
May your new year be blingin'!
And a big thank you to all at Rocks for a fabulous new way to bankrupt myself - you've created a unique and very clever business, and I hope that your fortunes soar in 2009, you deserve it.
And a special thank you to Sarah Bennett who has designed some of my most beautiful items of jewellery - keep up the good work!!!
Happy New Year to all at rocks tv and to all the people in the chat,hope you all have a good year.We are still waiting on our first footer to call.
Happy New Year to all at Rocks and to all my fellow Rocks addicted Forum friends...here's hoping 2009 will continue to be full of sparky goodies for you all.
Happy New Year Mirabelle and all fellow rockettes! Lets hope its a good one!
Happy New Year to you all- Rockettes and Rocks staff. I've had some brilliant laughs on the chatbox and, although I'm not around as much, I hope it continues throughout 2009.

Here's to another successful year for all at Rocks.tv

Happy New Year to all at Rocks, and to all the lovely new forum Rockers I've met through your site. Looking forward to meeting some of you at Rocks Towers.


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