Happy Birthday Rocks and Co!!!!


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Aug 4, 2009
southfields london
Happy Birthday to all at Rocks and Co; I have bought some of my best pieces from you and added to them last night with the Uruguayan Amethyst and Morganite. I became a viewer and a customer quite by accident about 6 months ago whilst babysitting at a friends house and watching their Sky TV! I have always been passionate about jewellery and was inspired by my mother who trained as a Goldsmith at the age of 59! She taught me that gems are to wear and enjoy without worrying about them..she knew they could always be relied upon to uplift the wearer. I wish she was here now to share her knowledge now that I am so interested. Thanks to everyone involved at Rocks and co for sourcing such exciting products and cheers to John Scott for never failing to make me laugh. xx :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
I second that. I know I am not always happy with customer service, but I have to say that I have bought jewellery from all the other channels, and I really do think yours is a much higher quality. (You just need to sort out web buying...)

A very happy birthday to ALL at Rocks and Co.
Happy Birthday Rocks and Co, you've had some lovely gems to celebrate. I agree with PP, you really need to sort out the web buying, fingers crossed it will be addressed when the new system comes online.

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