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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
I wanted to post this seperately from my "Absolutely Livid" thread as I am a great believer in praise and positive feedback and I think this definitely deserves a mention.

I have just received a telephone call from Trish as a result of a combination of an email to Gems and my post here! She was absoluletly great and sorted my problem out for me in no time at all.

I am very grateful for the really quick response and for Trish actually taking the time to call me and I am very happy now.

Only one wee thing - my identity on here is now known so I better behave myself from now on!
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I had some recent dealings with the lovely Trish and also found her to be most helpful. Good to see you're sorted Klos, all that remains is to confess what's on order. :D
Klos, I made sure in the past that my id on here was known to CS supervisors, that way they knew who to contact if i posted up a "mad as hell or livid" post lol.... I was usually contacted promply after one too so it obviously works!
Klos good news and well done to Trish for being proactive.

I've got to say Tabs that CS don't contact people like they used to. For example, they haven't bothered to call me and I think my post yesterday qualified as being livid!!! Never mind, they've just lost me as a customer!!! Thank God I've got all the bling I need for the next month or two!!!

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