hanna's candles-any good?


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Thanks mrs J, just read em, how can some people say they don't smell of owt, and some say thay are strong? Does hannah forget to put the scent in some of em lol.
do I or don't I, oooooooooooohhhhhhhh I can't decide, it's free p and p but what if I get scentless ones, decisions decisions!
Hi I bought a set a month or so ago. They look impressive but I have found that they do smoke the same as ordinary candles despite being told they don't! As for the smell - it does seem to be inconsistent - if you burn them for a couple of hours you will notice the smell but it is quite weak. Hope this helps.
Thanks Michb1 I'll leave it then, will try and get some pecksmiths from tk maxx instead as I know they are good candles.
I don't rate them - they look pretty though.

I'm with you. Brought the 12 Frosted Soy Jar Candles with Gift Bags last time them were on, but was disappointed with them.

Will be sticking with my Yankee Candles in future.
Mine was really disappointing. Got the large one that was supposed to smell of the seaside!! It was really dirty to burn, the jar was permanently black, and what a job to clean it all the time. As for the aroma, unless you stuck your nose right in the jar it didn't really have any.
If you want really good scented candles, you can't go wrong with Lily Flame. John Lewis sell them online for about £7 each with free delivery, and they smell beautiful. I especially like the Freshly Cut Grass one, and some of the Christmas scents sound great but not tried them yet.

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