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Jun 24, 2008
Following a previous thread I was really really aprehensive about these ( I bought 2 of the TSVs for Xmas gifts ) Yep the Gingerbread was so awful I out it straight into recycling , bad bad curry was thescent I got.

BUT I had got bored with the Yankee candles I was burning and thought I should try them before giving them as gifts , ( Thats my cover story and Im sticking to it ) I lit the apple variety ..........and its brilliant , The scent is beautiful , strong without being unpleasant , it burns evenly without tuneling , better that the YC variety, There is no excessive smoke . Im really please even taking in to account that I threw one away they are great value for money . I wonder if a bad batch got out and they are responsible fro the bad reviews :flower::flower::flower:
I have a few of these on the go too. They burn a lot quicker than yankee's i've found and mine do smoke and mushroom everytime which is a shame. But the smells are lovely, I'm especially liking the Strawberry Patch one at the moment. There was a plum one too which smelled nothing like plum, more like play doh, but I liked it lol!
I will be intrested to see how long they last , The plum one sounds fascinating , I love the smell of Playdoh , so it might be that none of them get given away and I have to ahem "force" myself to buy alternative gifts
Most people I know hate getting candles for gifts. Thats why I keep them all for myself!

Lol then I must have given many years of really disapointing gifts as they are my favourate things to give , and I like getting them as well:angel:

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