Hanna or Yankee?


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Candles - Yankee or Hanna?

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HI there, sorry if this has been posted before, but does anyone have any opinions on Hanna's candles? Is it Hanna or Yankee for you? :confused:
Do you want a poll with this Birdie? :)

EDIT: You logged off before you saw my post so I added one - hope this is okay.
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I have only tried Yankee, and at a try me price for quite a selection.

really liked them :)
Another thumbs up for the Delectable Darls's Delicious Tarts! I never buy any others now, but if I had to choose between Hannas or Yankee, then Yankee would be my preference!
No question!

Definitely Darl's Divine Tarts.

I like Yankee but Darl's Tarts have more interesting perfumes which last twice as long as the Yankee tarts and are half the price.

No contest.
Has to be Yankee for me:D, the aromas are great my favs are sandalwood
and juicy peach. I usually drive hubby mad as i tend to watch the shows,
he doesnt see the attraction:rolleyes:
I have a huge stock of Yankee candles and tarts and wondered how long they last. Anyone know?

Sorry to hijack the thread.
OK, as a complete and utter tart tart, can someone explain what Darl's Tarts are? Thank you... :thumbsup:

I currently use Yankee tarts - buy in bulk when I visit the US...

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