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Jun 24, 2008
I'm looking to get some new hand washes for my home.
I've used Molton Brown in the past and quite like it, but am looking for something a bit different. Preferably I'd like to try something with a "seasonal" autumn/winter scent. I used to use the seasonal ones from Bath and Body Works before it closed its UK stores and miss those days! Can anyone recommend anything available at QVC? Or, if no-one minds, from any brand in the universe!
I use good old Carex 99p a bottle lol the way my kids use it i wont pay alot and it doesnt make my hands dry bonus lol
Sorry i carnt justify paying £20 odd quid for handwash plus i carnt afford to would love to though if i was loaded lol
I love the mint philosophy handwash, but my all time favourites are by origins.:64:
Baylis and Harding have been super for me too - their Antique Rose Handwash smells beautiful.

I can also recommend Ecosoapia from JustBeautyDirect as well, which is very calming and conditioning for the skin.

I also really like L'occitane Liquid Soap when I can afford it, and I double it up as a facewash too as it's very softening on the skin.
M+S handwash the natural range with no SLS in lavender- £1.99 a bittle smells gorgeous and lovely packaging - a bargain.

The other I love which is a bit dearer again no SLS DUCHY hand wash in rose and madaring about £4.95 a bottle from tesco - smells of beautiful fresh cut garden roses - no synthetic smells - divine
I love Bayliss and Harding and they only cost £1.49p at my local cut price store and Carex at 99p comes a close second especially in the kitchen.
i like both the soap bars and the liquid hand wash by a organic and chemical free range called bentley organics. my favorite is detoxifying grapefuit,lemon & seaweed as it smells like lemon curd. they also do one called revitalising with orange/cinammon and clove bud. they also do bodywash as well which i really like
Currently using a normal M&S Handwash in Coconut Milk, smells good and a bargain for £1
L'occitane Almond handwash is my all time fave though Jayne's Ecosoapia range is fab,too.
I'm not that crazy about Philosophy's range of handwashes tbh though like FA,I'm quite fond of Pecksniffs(from TK Maxx).
L'occitane almond for those times when u feel wealthy (it does last yonks too)

if not, Imperial LEather Kaffir Lime and Green Tea - molton brown stylee bottle and incredibly pungent lime/tea scent.
I'm currently using the Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash, which smells really nice.
I really like the L'occitaine Lemon Verbena handwash, it leaves a nice scent in the bathroom when you've used it and also on your hands.
Has to be Tesco value antibacterial for me. I decant it in my Molton Brown bottles and I know that it kills germs and its only about 70p.

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