Halloween Spectacular at GemsTV


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<img src="/images/Halloween%20Image.JPG" border="1" hspace="2" vspace="2" align="right" />Halloween is here and <a href="http://www.gemstv.co.uk" target="_blank">GemsTV</a> and we will be celebrating all things scary tomorrow, Friday 31st October. <br /><br />With fiendish fun and scarily low prices all evening, this is definitely an event not to be missed.<br /><br />There will also be double trouble with our Halloween special double header, featuring two of our presenters from 9pm.<br /><br />So hop aboard the ghost train and prepare to be truly amazed and shocked by GemsTV's Halloween spectacular event.
Happy Halloween


Thanks Graham, looking forward to it.
Do we know who'll be presenting tomorrow night?

We need to dress up as well? Hmmmmm.....

........... or ...........
I have enjoyed seeing the presenters dress up in previous years, they really do put the work into it and particularly liked it when Rod and Lynn did a double header (last year?).
I don't know if they were a couple then - only just found out they are now :rolleyes: but they were really great together. I hope they do it again.:clap:

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