Halliday: Terrible and rude handling of a caller


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Jun 24, 2008
Philosophy hour tonight hosted by J Halliday. they must have been asking for customers who have been with Q for the full 15 yrs to call in.

she took a call from a bloke and was straight in there with "what have you bought from philosophy" "what do you love about the range" crap. the caller was obviously confused and actually had to explain to Halliday that he had been put through becuase he was a long standing customer.

Quite why the gallery hadnt explained this isnt clear but maybe JH has gone deaf in her old age. anyway she couldnt wait to get him off the line and it was all a bit embarassing.

Halliday is generally crap at handling callers, all that fake "bye, g'bye now" at the end when she knows damn well theyve already been cut off it cringeworthy. but tonight she surpassed herself.

watch JR on Honora now, to see how to do it properley :21:
:33: I can believe that. Jilly comes over as very insincere, no emotional connection with the audience at all.
Yep.it was cringeworthy.
The poor caller had obviously no idea what Philosophy was and Jilly handled it apallingly.
It's all sell sell sell sell with her and no social skills!
At the beginning of the 11pm hour, I thought both Jilly and Julia had been drinking - they were both very silly and giggly, I switched off.
Yeah they were but I actually enjoyed it, the products were not for me so was happy they talked more.

I missed the philosophy show so did not hear the T-Caller but he must have been embarassed, Jilly really should have had something to say to him.

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