Guess who's back on our screens?


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Jul 15, 2008
I was watching a bit of BHTV only to find that they went to infomercials.

Guess who was on yes Mr. David Ades, I was gobsmacked. there is even a website to go with this no wet wonder foam. Glen Tompsett was on with him as well.

haven't seen the car on fire but the gravy browning has been splashed all over his cooker again, in fact that steam cleaner looks remarkably like the 1 he used to flog on yes pc and i'm certain its massively increased in price
His products certainly appear to shift gravy browning or coffee stains from Cookers etc (allegedly) is the advertised website but it doesn't work. This stupid man has rebranded all the old carp he sold before as "Revolution" and is charging twice as much it appears!

It's working for me.

I love the No Wet Wonder Foam would never be without it. I know David and I fell out in the past bgut one thing you can say about him he never closed the channel owing a customer a penny which I think is something that far too many channels that come and go can't say and running this site the customer is the most important.
Yes it is live now but it wasn't when I originally posted, or all day yesterday.
He may not have fleeced his customers but from memory I thought some of the presenters were left with monies owing?
BHTV seem to be showing more and more infomercials. I wonder if they are going down the pan too? As for that slimeball DA, I saw him too and quickly switched channels!

I turn over every now and again to see what's on and it's always No Wet Wonderstuff. I think you're right, and BHTV will be vanishing from our screens.

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