green tourmaline, what to look for?


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Sep 24, 2008
hi, could anybody please educate me, green tourmaline, which is best generally nigeria or brazil? what should i avoid?

thanks in advance.
Hi Suzyglam.

I can't help you I'm afraid, but just couldn't leave you sitting here all alone any longer.

I know nothing about what to look for from a technical/value point of view, but have two green tourmalines. One a fair-size dark oblong and the other a round cut in the lighter shade that Gems have been showing of late, although I bought both mine from RocksTV. My personal preference is for the darker one as it is by far the most dramatic. Whilst I also like the round cut very well, it doesn't grab your attention in the same way. I believe some inclusions are to be expected, but I may be wrong, but there are no obvious ones in either.

I know this is no help, but just so's you know we ain't ignorin' yers.

Argey x
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The colour of tourmaline depends on the amount of chromium the darker the colour the more it has absorbed .It is normallycut into rectangle shapes following the axis of the crystal because of the crystals size.The nigerian deposit was only found in 1998
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