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Jun 24, 2008
In cream tea country of North Devon
Hi girls and boys xx

Well if Madwoman can do it then I'll show you my garnets too....

Marquise garnet leverbacks


I opted for these in preference to the diamond shaped ones as they're half the size and more suited to my style. The blood red glow emanating from them is magical and deep claret colour, with occasional burnt embers.

Round garnet pendant


a substantial piece and it has a Tudor-like presence and wouldnt look out of place on a long chain like Elizabeth I used to wear :D The garnets are much darker in colour than the earrings and pop back purples and blues, almost like crushed cranberries or a Cote du Rhone wine, rich and full of flavour!

Snowflake earrings


have adored this design since the word go - bought the topaz first and then the smokey quartz last week - both totally different looks, as you can see. hope Steve makes them in many other gemstones and colours in due course. they'd be lush in fire opal or madeira citrine and delicate in kunzy or pink sapph (just a thought Steve....:p)


I've had to send a raft of items back for various reasons and have kept these items which I know I will wear and wear.

sorry the pix are a little large - they've come up bigger than anticipated lol
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Love the colour of those garnets Sammi! Wish I had pierced ears now as I love all those earrings - too much of a coward to have them done!:ANYWORD: perhaps I might pluck up the courage soon if I see much more of this bling!!
Lovely pieces Sammi hun. Wear them in good health.
I do love those garnet earrings, I've been tempted - but I just know they'd be too small for me :(
Still, one less competitor for you! Enjoy!

cheers bunny. you could always buy two of those pendants and really go for it!!! :eek::D

thanks for the nice comments girls. had some tough choices to make this week. still debating about the scarf. oops I can't photo it as it's at work - you know the one - black neckerchief with umpteen small rings of black pearls along it. quite a weighty piece so I don't think I'd wear all the pearls at once. would definitely put onto longer scarf as the small one is not my thing.
sam u have fab taste hun i love those garnets..

I have that garnet pendant in citrine its lovely...Id love that design in all the gem stones they could possibly do...

lovely bits sammi .xxxx
yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy Sammi, I love garnets too.

In fact the first ever piece of 'real' jewellery I ever owned was a garnet cluster ring (sadly stolen when we got burgled) off my dad.

Enjoy, they are lovely.
Love the colour of those garnets Sammi! Wish I had pierced ears now as I love all those earrings - too much of a coward to have them done!:ANYWORD: perhaps I might pluck up the courage soon if I see much more of this bling!!

it'll be over in five minutes lol
Very pretty pieces - I'm not a particular fan of Garnets but I do love them when set in antique-style settings - that pendant would look fab with a black velvet evening dress.

I love the design of the earrings too - got the Citrine version arriving next week. I hadn't seen the side view before & didn't realise that they are leverbacks, what a lovely setting.

Even though garnets aren't my favourite stone, I do have a cluster ring with sentimental value - bought from my first wage packet (at the age of 14, I walked into a jeweller's shop to buy a watch and came out having talked my way into a Saturday job....... have spent all my spare cash on bling ever since:rolleyes::eek::rolleyes:)
Lovely Garnets Sammi! Rocks Garnets are really full of colour arent they! I have the same Garnet pendant, its like lots of little red candles burning inside it! I also have the same pendant in smokey quartz, amethyst and peridot, its a great style piece imo.

I must admit I have a lot of garnets but the colour of yours are fantastic, they seem to glow, Guess what I'll be getting next, thanks for sharing your photos.

Gorgeous pieces Sammi. The photos are great and just the right size for me - short sighted old bat that I am :rolleyes:. I love garnets, they are one of my favourite stones, and I particularly love them set in rose gold - hence my excitement over the 'sunflower ring', one of my two fave purchases from RocksTV. (Sarah, if you're reading this, can we have earrings and things to match it please? ;))
Your photo of the garnet pendant is much better than mine Sammi, really shows off the colour, what can I say, great taste!!!!

Love the garnet pieces Sammi. I have gernet pendant in my order to be delivered this Tue. Can't wait to receive it now.

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