Goodey, The Model


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Jun 26, 2008
I wonder how old she is? She was modelling a swimsuit tonight and looked fab. I didn't even look like that in my twenties! And she's got lovely hair. 'Sniff':envy:
I dont know for sure but I know a few years ago Alsion Young said she was an older mum. She also was a swimwear model, back then as well.
i like goody and all of the regular models. bit miffed when qvc started bringing in girls that looked like they were losers in britains next top model competiion.too young and too bored looking
I saw her yesterday on a jewellery show and could not take my eyes off her ears...they are HUGE...very masculine altogether imho:wonder2:

But your ears get bigger as you get older so maybe she's 97!? :cheeky:

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