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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone else see Glen Campbell on Mary Queen of Shops last night (Monday)?

She revamped a menswear shop in Manchester which was selling really vile stuff and part of the process involved the staff putting outfits together which were rated by experts. Glen was one of the experts and described one of the outfits as "hideous". I couldn't stop myself from yelling at the television "well you should know with all the experience you have of hideous clothing!".
I saw him, yes. And doesn't he look OLD on normal TV! hahahahaha
Usually watch it on catch up....QVC should get her in...
Saw a bit of a QVC show the other day and the outfits reminded me of the cover up clothes that no body wanted, being sold by the shop in Acton a couple of weeks ago.
But then again, I guess its much harder to buy fitted without trying the clothes on.

Shapeless baggy, was fine before I had children but just makes me look huge now, (which I'm not).
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I have had very mixed experience with QVC clothing, and just won't buy from them any more. Either their models are strangely deformed - or I am! ROFL
I nearly choked he's now a self pro claimed "broadcaster" (qvc flogger!) and journalist(writes for a local lancs paper on a questions and answers basis re fashion, which imo is all made up). Also the garments which he Said looked hideous were a mirror image of what he was wearing....and he still had those ridiculous half mast jeans on. I used to think Mary was good but sadly if she rates him she's definately gone down in my opinion. I had to switch off can't bear to look at the man never mind listen to him!:eek:
Yes I saw him, what an unshaven scruff he looked, he's usually so scrummy on QVC......BTW love Mary Queen of Shops, those poor hapless sales guys flogging tshirts at that gig, priceless!
I saw him too but that progarmme also highlighted the fact that cardigans are 'in'! So Glen has been right all along and now he is 'on trend' as cardies are going to be the next big thing :D
That's all very well - but surely I can't be the only one who thinks the scruffy layered look they came up with looks stupid!

And are striped shirts really as 'in' as that? Nearly every single shirt they tried was striped.
I saw that as well. I really like Mary and her attitude - but she did use the word 'trouser' when talking about trousers just like Glen does! :)
think Glen is copying Mary, and yes would be brill if they could get her onto qvc, perhaps she could sort out the size small(?!!) Ms Roberts....

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