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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
Having watched Julia yesterday on the GHD lounge (or whatever they called it!!) I though her hair looked really good. I don't like straight hair on me but seeing how curly hers was wondered if these are good for making it curly. I have never though of using 'straightners' to make curls????? I normally throw some heated rollers in. Do you folks recommend them?? I am thinking of giving them a go as I have my 30 mbg. But they are very expensive.
Hi Rosey

I love my GHD's but I cannot make curls with them at all !!! My hairdresser can & it looks lovely but no matter how hard I try I can never get the curl !!

There is a knack to it & altho it looks easy I cant do it ! In fact out of about 10 people I know who use GHD's only 1 can do the curl thing !

Its worth trying it on the 30 mbg tho - you might not be a cack handed as me - good luck !!!

i cant make curls with my ghds either and iv bloomin tryed no matter what i do just cant seem to get it!love them for straighteneing but dont do it often now
My daughter uses them and just raves about them all the time

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My younger daughter doesn't own her own set of GHDs yet (Xmas, she hopes! lol) but pinches her friend's whenever she can!
She raves about them as she has extremely thick (& I do mean really thick!), naturally heavily wavy hair that is prone to untamed wildness & wooliness at the drop of a hat!
She likes her hair dead straight usually & says the GHDs are just so much quicker at achieving this on thick hair than her own straighteners or other makes!

She can also do the curl thing & I think it's just down to a lot of practice & being brave! It also seems to be down to 'all in the wrist action' & having watched her, she does it quickly with an accompanying finger twirl, no faffing about & mistakes are simply straightened out & re-done!
(She is one of these annoying people who can put their arms into ridiculously unnatural & uncomfortable positions though as she is completely double-jointed almost everywhere, so maybe this helps too when you're doing it on yourself! lol)
Oh I can not curl with them at all, I get clamp marks and no curl! Just awful, but as a straightner they are amazing.
My lovely hubby treated me to the pink GHD's 2 wks ago.
I was sceptical, but am now totally converted,they truly are the dogs doodah's.

Try will love them!
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Bought our daughter the Limited Edition purple ones for Christmas.....she reckons they are the Rolls Royce of Straighteners!

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