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Who are QVC trying to kid with the new George Forman oval cooker just aired. They said they had just cooked a whole chicken in it with roast tatties. Did they not think we wouldn't spot the holes in the chicken legs - from the skewers out of the supermarket me thinks!!!! When you buy rotisserie chickens from Sainsurys, Asda etc they all have these holes in them because they cook the chickens about 4 in a row on rotating cages. So this chicken had been bought and then just put inside it too look good. Also did they not think it looked odd that every single lid on these cookers was absolutely spotless, if a chicken had been cooked for any amount of time, especially from raw supposedly taking hours, it would have spat fat all over the lid.

And the chocolate bread and butter pudding was very dark on the top but positively raw underneath, and this had been in there for 1.5 hours she said!!!

Not on my wish list ...

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