genius air deodorizer?


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It gets my vote!

Hi guys
Is this gadget any good, will it stop me of throwing away foods after a couple of days?


I have the previous incarnation of this and I think it makes a real difference. I rarely throw any fresh food away since I got it. The batteries do need replacing at intervals, but not too often in my experience.

the battery life seemed to be the only critisime but to me that is not too much of a big deal as they are AAA batteries and they are readily available.
How long do the last on average?
Have the original one - very pleased with it. Batteries need changing about every 6 months. Food stays fresher for longer.
Its really good seems to make a great differnce to the time fresh food stays fresh , I would recommend it
I bought mine when they (the 2 mini ones like those on sale today) were a TSV, but they had to wait here ages for me to get my new fridge, which I now have. They give off a very distinctive smell which I don't like but can tolerate.

What I can't come to terms with is storing meat, cheese and other foods uncovered - yet obviously the ionised air can't get at the food if it is covered.

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I bought these a year ago and they are wonderful. At the moment I have lettuce and broccoli in my fridge that I bought 2 weeks ago and they are still fresh. The initial set of batteries did not last long but I bought a more expensive brand and they last quite a long time. Why not try rechargeable ones otherwise. I also gave my daughter a set for Christmas and she is also pleased with them.
I missed them yesterday but I am going to order another set as soon as I log off here. I have one in the fridge and the other is in the cupboard where keep such things as potatoes and bananas and these stay fresh too.
I am going to try one in the bread bin. I live on my own and if I buy a full loaf it goes off before I eat it all, so hopefully it will help here too.
I love them I put one in the hall cupboard where my husband keeps his trainers, I dare open the door now!

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