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<img src="/images/ULTRA-CLEARANCE-BANNER.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="1" align="right" />Due to the amazing demand for Ultra Clearance jewellery, GemsTV is extending its fantastic offer into the weekend.<br /><br />With ultra low prices and brand new items the response has been phenomenal.<br /><br />So tune in this weekend to grab a bargain on a stunning piece of jewellery.<br /><br />Watch GemsTV online or tune in to; Sky 652, 656 & 670, Virgin 755 & 756 or Freesat 805.
Will someone tell Lucy please. She was banging on all morning about how it could end any time, and that they were taking it hour by hour so we simply must take advantage now while we can. I got this as an e-mail yesterday so why is she being allowed to blatantly lie?
Please tell Adina too as she now seems to think it "could end today - I don't know". Not only does this make Gems look foolish it helps to destroy any remaining trust in the company.

Anyone from the outside could not be blamed for thinking I sit here all day watching Gems and picking holes in it. I have watched quite a lot this past week (3-4 hours a day for my sins) looking for some birthday gifties, but the presenting is so appalling, and some of the "acrylics" so badly done and dirty looking, that I am being distracted from my original reason for watching and turning into a b***h. :headbang: xxx
Oh dear......

Don't distress yourself
Argey pet.

Why not try and find something
on their website instead!

S xx
That is my usual route Sacha, but alas and alack I have to watch at the moment because the clearance is actually rather good, despite the attempts of certain presenters to wreck it (perhaps t'other side is paying them?). At the moment, I'm not only shopping for myself but my neighbour and my carer who both don't have the sort of free time (or stamina :sleepy:) I have. On the upside, I have picked up some extremely good bargains which I'll put up here when I've got all I need. xxx
I think I DID hear Drew say that the clearance had been extended...... perhaps HE could tell Lucy?....... If he could get a moment's quiet for her to hear him!
OMG it's bargain central. I can't believe how bulging my basket is - ooooerrrrrr mrs!
OMG it's bargain central. I can't believe how bulging my basket is - ooooerrrrrr mrs!

Godammit!! And I haven't even been awatchin'. mysmilie_1476

Got anything nice in your basket Missus? mysmilie_1537

(Forgive me .......stoopid question) :ANYWORD:

Course you have....... :mysmilie_738.gif:
At least now somebody understands why I'm braving the excesses of the presenters. I've got pieces that I could easily resell if I were that way minded. I'll dig up a couple of examples to give anyone in terested an idea of what's happening. xxx
Here are a couple :cheeky: of examples of my goodies either ordered or in my basket, which will give you an idea of the lower end bargains. There are some very good poash ones as well, but still out of my reach unfortunately:- £29 £18.67 £36.57 £37.99 £29.99 £21.07 £39.99 £47 £44.23 £39 £28.91

It's gonna be hard figuring out what I can part with to my carer and neighbour, as I am shopping for them as well as myself. Ooh-er! xxx
Got to admit that the clearance prices really are bargainicious, but unfortunately there are a lot of really cruddy old designs of the sort that (fortunately) Gems have now more or less stopped doing. Just as well, really, as my cc is still reeling from the shock of Sapphires of the Rainbow...
...Having said that, I really like that pink tourmaline, Argey. (And the rhodolite I actually had in my basket, although has since been dumped...)
Don't know if I'm doing the right thing here MissM, but there have been a couple of those too. xx

PS Rainbow saphs that is.
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A couple of those I have now, I have ignored in the web clearance as the imaging is so naff. The Merelani MG is a fine example - I'd never have bought that from the image, but it doesn't at all look like a tyranosaurus frill, and is a much gentler less frilly looking design in actuality. xx
With a haul like that I'm not surprised you are watching so closely, Argey!
I'm just dotting back andforth so missing most! I think the merelani mint garnet ring is lovely... reasonable gold weight too, which is important to me.
C'mon Meesh, I've shown you mine, now you show me yours :giggle: I realise yours will be a tad different to mine, but I can cope :envy: xxx

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