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Will you buy from Gems TV while the issues mentioned exist?

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Jun 24, 2008
OK folks - I think we are all agreed on one thing - Gems TV is on a rapidly declining slope!!

For various reasons - poor CS, website issues, Timed Auctions (which give you under 60 seconds to buy after the price drops), product recalls, some unwatchable presenters and the final nail in the coffin the attrocious and despicable way they have cheated two of our friends, Mummybear and Cleopatra, out of items they won fair and square, we are all totally fed up and disgusted with Gems TV.

So I have put a poll on here and ask you all to vote.
Unless major changes are made to Gems TV and our friends rightly receive the items they won, will you buy from Gems again?

Thank you


I dipped a toe into the water this week (for the first time in ages) and had various issues with the purchase - it's a lovely ring but I had problems with dispatch, delivery and CS. Turned it into a most unplesant buying experience.

Apart from that I think it's terrible that they have messed up this promotion and am not happy at all with what's happened to MB and Cleopatra.

So, unless things change, a definite NO
I've voted no , i am disgusted with what they did to Mummy Bear today . To be honest i don't like the rush to buy now either, i hate that you have less than a minute to make your mind up.
Just look at how many items you are being left with in your timed auctions gems

A very loud NO from me
i voted no
i have not bothered to even watch gems since the recall fiasco
i was caught up in that and not impressed with the c.s on this issue
and i agree with others views to
I vote NO, nobody wants to be pushed into buying something on a timed auction, especially when they don’t say that it is the lowest price, or final price!
I have voted no, i think they are in such a mess at the mo which is a shame i used to really enjoy watching and buying from them
BTW what happened mummybear?
:mad: I voted a definite NO.......I've always been a web buyer

""As I said in an earlier post...Gems your pedestal is toppling""!!!..sooner than you think...
you have upset the majority if not all of of St.Com (Ex customers) :mad:
A resounding 'no' from me as well. I've always been impressed with Gems but over the last couple of months I've been very disappointed and this weekend's £1 super price crash is just the last straw! (I'm not a fan of the timed auctions either.........)

On a completely shallow note I'll miss Matt MacNamara :)
Well I'm sure you all know where my feelings are at the moment, I'm so disappointed and annoyed, I feel as if I have been cheated.

my Dad, son and I have bought about 70 items from gems in the last 12 months, we returned only 2 and have bought many many more since I registered.

I've had some great bargains and loved being part of the gems family as we all did, what a shame it has ended like this. If you read the latest annual report they blame lost sales on market saturation and other TV jewellery companies in US and Uk having liquidation sales and lowering market prices.

To be honest there is no need to blame anyone else they seems to be losing customers by their own poor planning and judgement, sad for us and the staff.

Well I've never seen that link before - thanks Cleopatra. I've saved it to my favourites for bedtime reading!
Some interesting stuff on that link Cleopatra, thanks!
"We are always looking at ways to reduce our operating costs, but because of this exceptionally challenging environment we are making further cost reductions in our television production, warehouse and call center functions as well as in our manufacturing capacities. We have done things such as changing our shipping provider in the UK which has resulted in a savings of 26% per package on standard delivery. We are reducing hours on GemsTV2 in the UK during very low performing hours which will reduce TV production overheads and reduce our overall UK workforce by about 30%."
Hm, and we wondered why it was all going pete tong!
Sorry, I don't know the story of what happened to Mummy Bear...I don't much like the timed auctions, but I watch on the web and have managed to get items. Some issues with the same items priced differently on the web...And inflated prices on the Shop pages, which could con anyone unfamiliar with the auction format. But may I point out, hopefully I'm allowed to say this, that Rocks tv (of which I'm a great fan and have bought items), also have much higher prices on their Coloured Rocks website than on the auctions. I think this is just the way it goes...

Yes there are issues, and tbh I did e-mail Gems to complain, and didn't get a reply... and sorry if I don't go along with the majority, but if |I see an item I like at a good price (I usually only buy silver and they still go to the usual £29 or £19), I'll buy it. I usually only watch late at night - don't know if this makes a difference or not...
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