Gems TV on Freeview?


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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
I've just placed my first order with Gems for nearly a year (and that's due to all the GTV threads on here........ it's almost like the 'old days' !!!)

But I can't find Gems on my TV any more.

I don't have Sky, all we have is a very ancient Freeview box - and the channel that used to be Gems now shows films.

Are Gems not on Freeview any more? - if they are, what channel number is it?
I'm sorry I don't have the answer but I think I recall yesterday Lynn saying something about the Freeview channel moving to a new one? Is it on their website? Sorry, I'm a Sky viewer so not sure how Freeview works.

Just found it .............. they're on FreeSat channel 805, Virgin 755 and 756 and Sky 652, 656 and 670
Hi Jantac, I was just looking at the info strap at the bottom of the telly screen and I could only see GTV broadcasting on Sky, Virgin, Freesat 805 and the websites. I got the impression Freeview was dropped some time ago...sorry!

Ooops duplicate posting.....I'm a slow trypist!
hey ho, at least that saves me from the horrible prospect of re-tuning the Freeview box!

Thanks all, guess I'll just have to watch online although I'm not really keen on that.
i hav opposite problem, think i can only get gems on my virgin xl package, not the 'other' channels for jewellry. .probably a good thing!
yes, i get both the gems channels, didnt know about the 'other'.. thanks.!
Gems are no longer on Freeview, and when my Mum rang recently to ask if they had any plans to return, she was told NO!

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