Gem silver TSV tonight


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I have to say SCW, you certainly are handy to have around for product information. Thank you....
My tinterweb wont let me look at most pages on QVC. Keep getting "order online" thing that goes on the bottom of the pages
Thanks SCW. Thanks Pinkmoon for the photo. I really like it. I've got a similar one in black agate from the Silver Day, item 685816, that's why it looks so familiar and many presenters wear it as well, only the TSV is east-west style. I absolutely love my ring, it is so sparkly and stylish.

I want to buy it in smokey quartz. Mind you Lola Rose ring would be £69.
Gem Statements 40ct Faceted Round Cut Ring Sterling Silver
Item Number: 688346
QVC Price £23.25
Today's Special Value Price £19.38
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.95

Get on-trend in an instant with this season's jewellery must-have - a fabulous bold cocktail ring. Choose from two classic gemstones, Black Agate or Smoky Quartz, both set in highly polished sterling silver. This round-cut faceted stone, measuring about 25mm, is set at the head of the ring making an eye-catching statement. There's great attention to detail with a pretty leaf design featured on the inside of the ring. The shoulders measure about 13mm wide and taper to a 3mm shank. Total gem weights: Black Agate: 40 carats, Smoky Quartz: 40 carats.
That's some ring for the money!:eek: Is that what they call 'a statement piece'? Lol :)

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