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Jun 29, 2008
Any ideas? The invite to the QVC preview has a picture of a garnet bracelet, could this be it?
I wish they wouldn't skimp on the gold in the gallery, that ring would chop my finger in half when it's swollen.
Gem Day TSV

24hr gems...Boring :( Still my flexi friend is safe today.;)
What with the credit crunch the TSV at over £200 even on easy pay is going to be more than I can spend on an impulse buy .So this is one I will have to pass on this time.
I can't be the only one who feels like this, aren't we all watching the "pennies" now?
6ct AAA Tanzanite & 0.50ct Diamond Ring 18ct Gold
QVC Price£4176.00 Item Number684800 Availability In stock UK P&P£4.45Available in 3 Easy Pay instalments of £1392.00 plus P&P

I couldn't believe this one, as you say Amber & Ruby QVC are on another planet right now!
I love the TSV. I have the little morganite stud earrings and the rose gold necklace with three stones. I am looking for a morganite ring, but cannot possibly afford this (well I could if I didn't buy anything else for the next month) so will wait for the show to see whether there is a more affordable one. Just gorgeous, though. I have already been sucked in by the tocantins garnets - bought a ring and the stud earrings.
I am very pale skinned and usually buy only white metals, and blue gems but have found that rose gold is fine on my skin, as are some gold items if they have a nice gemstone in them. I have a victorian garnet ring that my Nana left me and that is a good tone on me, so I am thinking that this tocantins, with its more berry tones, would be good too! I think they'll gently soften up my black clothes, and add subtle colour to the greys.
I love Gem Day!
Jan, I could not agree more!

The larger the ring - wide band or big gemstones - the more the backing digs in to your finger - even if the ring is not a tight fit to start with.

Having a proper finger guard or gallery - or even just filling the shank, rather than hollowing it out - makes such a difference.

It also stops it looking cheap and nasty.

I know it probably keeps the gold cost down, but it's not worth it when you consider the discomfort...

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