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Aug 28, 2008
got two gatineau tsvs delivered today and i await one more focus pen, now, sorry if i am stupid but to be honest i am :8: :8: what do i do with point? two gomage have a sticker on saying '4' and then the leaflet s both have a '3' and another one with '4'

what di i do with them? i have read the leaflet and am still baffled (lol i am allegedly a highly motivated prof SM, but i am stupid at times)

any help would be appreciated

please no sniggers at my dumbness, well only quiet ones
thanks Queen Bee, so, if i have 12 stickers i then add up the points, and my current 3's and 4's i have to make 36 or more right?
and do you have to pay postage on the free gift?

i quite fancy getting the aha body lotion lol only because 400mls sounds better value
No you dont have to pay P&P but they recommend you photocopy the passport and send special or recorded delivery incase it goes missing
If you get more than a certain number (36 I think, it does say on the passport) you can claim 2 gifts - if under this number you can only claim one. If your points are 3's and 4's you will probably be able to get two free gifts.

I have always just sent mine by ordinary post and I have had no problem. The only problem once they had run out of full size throat gel, so they sent a small size until they got the big one back in stock, so I got a big one and a little one.

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