Gary "Gazza" Ashburn returns to Ideal World


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<img src="/images/gazza-home.jpg" border="0" alt="Gary Ashburn" title="Gary Ashburn" hspace="4" vspace="1" align="right" />Gary "Gazza" Ashburn returns to Ideal World on Sunday 16th August at 10pm for a Elvis Special, that will mark the Anniversary of his death in 1977.<br /><br />Gary will also be a special guest on the tribute to Michael Jackson show on Thursday 27th August.<br /><br />Both of these programmes are full of some fabulous exclusive rare collectables and memorabilia, including genuine autographs of Elvis.<br /><br />Don’t miss these informative and entertaining shows, with the undisputed king of collectables back where he belongs, only on Ideal World!<br />
I use to like watching him with his comics - very knowledgeable without being boring and geeky.

I caught the promo for this with Andy done up as Elve the pelve - good job I was sitting down as I got a touch of the vapours and didn't know where I was when I snapped out of's OK, I'm alright now :nod:

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