Fuji S5800?


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Easily Confused
Aug 13, 2008
Hi all, does anyone have the Fuji S5800? What do you think? It's on 4 easypays ATM total price £130.80. Amazon have it for £204! Any recommendations or not?
I've just bought this myself concordia! OH is a keen (& very competent!) photographer & wanted a simple bridge camera for eBay pics!
It's had excellent reviews not only on QVC but on various other internet sites & although it hasn't got all the bells & whistles extras of the newest model, e.g. face detection etc., OH preferred this older run out model as he would only turn half these features off anyway! lol
Has a full manual mode, a macro mode down to 1cm & for the price (& for what we want it for!), it's a pretty good deal I think!
I have it and it's a brilliant camera, much better than my Sony DSC that was about 5 times the price. The only thing I would say is that I bought mine from Next when it was reduced to £99 and it didn't come with all the other stuff. Not long after that, it was reduced again to £69 so I suspect there will be better deals out there now it's a slightly older model if you keep looking?
have been looking on the web, nothing under £99 and without extras. If S5800 is old model anyone know what the newer model is?

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