Fuji S1500 Another QVC Rip Off.


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I bought this when it was a tsv for £199, and on easy pay, its a super camera I love it and nice and easy to use, or if you're clever it does have a lot of manual functions
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I got it when it was a TSV too. At the time, £199 was a good price, especially with the extras. Now, the prices have come down elsewhere but QVC has raised their price from the TSV. That's a problem I have seen with QVC over the years, when something first comes out it is often a reasonable price, but they never reduce their prices the way other places do after a product has been out a while - particularly with technology which goes down in price so quickly.
BTW, I had 2 of them and neither worked properly so they went back! :31:
Buying any technological item upon release always demands a premium price. Wait even just several months, and you will save at least 20%. Having said that, although you may be able to buy the product for less, technology becomes more advanced very quickly, so if you keep taking the attitude of "I'll wait till it goes down in price", you have to accept that what once was a top end of the market product, will now have fewer features than more expensive models available.
Tell me about it. I'm thinking of buying a digital camera and have checked out Argos and Currys to get some ideas. It all looks so confusing. Argos publishes reviews which is quite helpful. It does make QVC seems quite expensive though.

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