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Good afternoon ladies

First ever post :eek:

Not really my style to yatter about TV or shopping. I spent weeks watching and asking ‘where is the catch’. Plucked up the courage and made my first bid and that was my downfall. I think about 18 items thus far. Wonderful ambience and the customer service are second to none. Prices are mad the Jewellery to die for, but for me I just enjoy the bidding.

Whilst the cheap prices are attracting the punters I think the friendly service is what will make Rocks.TV a success, I honestly wish them all the best.

Any person sitting back like I did looking for catch should trust these guys


Have noticed you on Rocks cos you seem to like the same items as I do! :tongue
Hi SaltashGaz, Pleased to see you here!

I agree with you 100% about Rocks, half the attraction is the friendly atmosphere- even from the MD, the other half is Fab jewellery and Great Customer Service. Can't be beaten really :D
Hi Sara the bling is not really for me but my wonderful Wife, I work away from home and my Wife has three teenage boys to contend with so these are a little thank you to a person who means so much to me.

Did you win the charms last night? Kicking myself for not going higher?

Sarah Bennett is a very clever designer, I am not always certain the designs and wow factor are done proper justice on the TV, even my teenage macho boys thought some of the jewellery was stunning.

Pepsidoodle beats bingo :p
Tabs I have learnt so much from Steve about Gems, not hard given I knew nothing but you can see the passion and it is addictive
Hello Gaz! Welcome to the other funhouse!
Glad to see you here, and I have to say your post is spot on. I have way overspent but with not a single regret as everything has been worth what I've paid and more.
The atmosphere at rocks is what drags me in night after night, even when I'm not seriously shopping - I don't know any other shopping medium, be it physical, internet or TV, that can make that claim. I hope Steve & co go from strength to strength - I want more when my finances allow it!!!
In case you're confused, PearlyQueen here! (I have to explain that to all the new members from Rocks - they said don't use your name when I signed up, and it's got everyone bewildered!!!)
See you there tonight...
He's very easy to learn from too...sociable and informative, and yes it's very addictive...Too addictive really :eek:

I'm Tigerlily over there by the way.
Hiya Gaz! It's lovely to see a bloke here, chatting about buying nice jewellery for his wife, she is truly blessed :)

Here here, I echo your sentiments entirely. I love the banter between the auctioneers and us buyers - and CS have been very helpful. I hope they stay that way and Rocks does well. (But not too well that the prices go up too much!!!) :D
Have seen you on Rocks bidding,I am Carattop on there as there is already a diamondgirl. Steve Bennett was part of Gems Tv so several of us know him from there. I worked in the jewellery trade and I think the goods are good value, the atmosphere is friendly and fun and the delivery and the returns policy are great.
Glad you are enjoying Rocks tv and what a lucky wife you have, mind you my hubby works hard to pay for my trinkets.LOL
Hi Saltashashgazzer! Great to see you on here and a big welcome from me.

I'm fluff on here and over there .. not to be confused with fluffy. :D
:D Hi saltashgazzer!! a big warm welcome from me too
I'm Mirabelle here aswell as Mirabelle at Rocks...
I am a newbie here on ST.Com too i only joined this morning
and think everyone on here is great!!!!
How yer doing Gaz don't spend too much on the missis they get used to it really quick :D

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