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Jul 5, 2008
Can i just say what a difference the chat box is now
anyone still afraid to come on in dont be it's so much nicer now
the banter is friendly and the atmosphere is so much more chilled
Thankyou to rocks and to Graham for sorting this out for us so we
can all have an enjoyable fun evening I'm sure you'll all agree
Agree completely, Milly. It is so much more inclusive now without the 'sis' sub group going on and trying to alienate and divide everyone. Whether people use ST or not should not be a basis as to whether those on chat are friendly to one another, as Troll and her cronies were trying to make it. So pleased that the trouble element has been removed, and that everyone chats to everyone happily now.

Hi Milly and all

Dipping my toe in the water after lurking for some time. I couldn't agree more with your post. I joined rocks at the beginning and happily suggested F5ing and anwering questions as best I could. I only lasted a wee while and then became one of the imtimated ones ! Not for any particular slight - just didn't like the 'feel' of chat. I joined in more last night for the first time in ages and enjoyed myself.

Will continue to chat as and when I can cos OH is well ticked off with my ignoring him from 5 - 11pm each night ! You are all such a friendly group and I hope to 'speak' more tonight (OH away to the football and wont be in till late - yeah).

I've enjoyed reading and learning from all your posts and hope to contribute more - not known for my blethering as I'm a 'quiet' Scot - but will do my best now I've taken the first step in forum chat. I'm Feegee over there by the way.

Looking forward to joining you all tonight.

I'm really glad that you've joined in the chat. It can be a really good laugh in the chatroom. I've noticed a huge change in atmosphere too just over the last few's so much friendlier and less cliquey.

Welcome and I'll look out for you later!
Hello Feegee, lovely to meet you. It's been absolutely fantastic on Rocks Chat lately, and although lots of us know each other from this forum, please don't think we're cliquey - we're not, we'll talk till the cows come home about bling to anybody!!!!

See you later

Hi all,

Just found this branch of the ST forums. Looked for one on RocksTV a few days ago, but didn't see this - must've missed it, being so close to Rocks & Co. on the list.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone for welcoming me into the Rocks frat. I have been having an absolutely spiffing time (that's a joke by the way and no' 'ow I rearly tawk).

I came in last Friday week for the first time. I have to say I noticed some bitchery going on, but thought I might be misunderstanding as a newbie. Then it got really bad on Saturday and was then put a stop to, at which point I realised that it had been so uncomfortable for you. So glad to have missed it, because there's no way I would've stayed, if I hadn't known any better. Even if your not involved directly, its embarrassing having to be present.

Anyway, thanks again to one and all, and hope to "see" you tonight. I'm going to spend a few more minutes tring to catch up with the chat on here.

It's like a different place now and often very funny, with it's light-hearted banter. I'm enjoying the fun each evening and it's great to see so many coming over here from You are all very welcome!
Hi feegee(pearlgirl) and welcome to the forum:1:

It is so much better now,just like it was in the beginning,and how it should be.

Hope to see you posting some piccies of your bling on here,we do like to have a drool at all the loveliness:32:
Thanks all for the welcome. I've put mum to bed, I'm fed and so it's back to rocks. Can even have the volume up cos OH not in - easily pleased me !

Will attempt at some point to post piccies - could take a while though lol
:1: :1: hi and welcome enjoy the forum you are amongst good friends ... im [scorpio] x
I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm sorry but I still believe someone is not who they say they are, and the constant questions - well, enough said, or I'll be in trouble again:54:

I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm sorry but I still believe someone is not who they say they are, and the constant questions - well, enough said, or I'll be in trouble again:54:


Mmmm, know what you mean....but otherwise a good laugh. :)

However, I'm not adding to the comments in the chatbox. Keep it sweet, I say
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I'm up early today considering :) Next time I'm on the vino, do me a favour and tell me to switch me computer off before I get into trouble, eh? I seem to make a habit of it lol, I don't want to wind anyone up more than I have done already, thank God I went out when I did before I started asking too many questions. :D
I got the most beautiful bracelet last night, well i'm hoping its as lovely as it looked.

Rainbow Moonstone, LOADS of what looked like little petals, I adore RM and just couldn't resist it, am praying its not too long as I hate bracelets that drop down over the hand, so have everything crossed.

Am on the lookout for some earrings to match the abalone pendant I got the other week but haven't seen any so maybe there aren't any.

Have to agree that Osy is funny lol
Hi all,

I was a bit off-colour last night so didn't join in as much as usual although I was there for the whole session. All seems to be well again this morning so watch out tonight :20:

As regards our friend, I've had some experience of people with this condition through my disability group, and I suspect he is autistic. I could well be wrong, difficult to tell by computer chat alone but, either way, clearly all is not as usual. A little patience doesn't hurt and its very kind of all who've helped him (as indeed you helped me) and kept the chat running smoothly. This can be irritating I know, but you've probably noticed that when he is goaded, he bids more. Perhaps those that just can't stand it could just pass over his messages.

Looking forward to tonight and luv and cuddles to all.

I haven't had any luck with the kama yet, but I'll keep trying, it seems to come on regularly enough so I'll just keep the window up on my laptop and hope I spot it - I will eventually, but I want to get the necklace and bracelet one the one night so I've only one lot of P&P to pay - I'm an impoverished student it all adds up :D

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