Forgot last weeks little delivery.


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Jun 24, 2008
Over the Pennines in Lancashire
These are the items I received last week:

mocha pearl and Sm. quartz necklace:

lovely colour of pearls but I am not to sure about the chunky quartz and how they lie. Very substantial piece, a good price at £13.00 and I am desperately trying to love it - even the silver fastener on it is lovely but I am not sure, so reluctantly, may send it back. Sorry Rocks.

a very pretty onyx and citrine pendant @ £8.00, Will go with my onyx earrings.

peridot and topaz earrings,

matching pendant.

Debating about the last two items. I feel terrible returning items but I have bought and kept a lot previously and I reason that if I am not certain, they will just sit in the box, unworn and unloved.... aw poor things.
Lovely goodies!

If you are unsure about the earrings and pendant, why not keep them to use as presents at a later date? It'll save you running around looking for something nice for someone when there's a suitable birthday.
Lovely pieces DD. I would send the last two back if you are not sure - no point lovely jewellery just sitting in the box!
It's all gorgeous Dolly (again!) and my faves would have to be the two peridot pieces. Sorry, I know that is absolutely no help to you but Perdita's idea is a good'un. Items like that are always handy for unexpected pressies.
Don't feel terrible about sending stuff back Dolly - there's a no-quibble MBG - businesses do that because it's good PR for them. No-one can be expected to like everything, and things do look different when you get them to what they look like on screen.

Lovely stuff Dolly, but if you don't like something, send it back or you'll never wear it!
I'm a newly converted fan to peridot, but everybody has different taste and you really shouldn't feel bad about sending things back. They will sell them again and maybe even at a higher price.
I know exactly what you mean about the quartz/pearl necklace, I adore the pearls but I just can't bring myself to love the quartz!!!
I've always thought those peridot pieces looked very nice, though not BIG enough for me lol, but I've certainly never worried about returning things I'm not taken with - they'll be able to sell them again, and I know that every refund has generated a much bigger spending spree over the following couple of days!!! From me, they always get that cash straight back again, with a chunk extra. I've never had any aggravation about returns, I honestly believe Steve wants us all to be thrilled with our Rocks pieces. And I am!
Enjoy your little pendant anyway!

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