For those of you who couldn't justufy the Nails inc TSV!!!


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Jun 25, 2008
.......Or didn't want so many nail colours! Glamour magazine is giving away a free full-size Nails Inc polish with its magazine this month. Choose from:

South Molton Street: "Pale baby pink"

Tate: "Classic red"

Picadilly Circus: "HOT HOT shocking pink"

Victoria: "Dark cherry red"

Not bad for the price of a glossy mag!

Em xXx
It's supposed to be out 6th November so you might have to wait a few days. Mine's on subscription so came today but I got the pale pink which I'd not really use very much to going to have a look out for another copy with a brighter "toe-nail" colour!!

Em xX
I shall be buying this, I'll check out the colours and choose a couple. Cheers for the heads-up!:53:
this is really good value , several stocking fillers will be purchased this way,
Thanks EmJ - excellent idea re stocking fillers Brenny - I'll be on the look-out too.
This info is also in the TSV thread given by several folks last week!
Thanks for that EmJ.

Additionally, there are treatment packs available in TK Maxx selling for £12...

Not bad, seeing as they're worth £25.

(I should have probably snapped one up myself as I've got awful ridges, but that's another story...)
DD subscribes to Glamour mag and hers arrived today with ruddy Tate, we already have 4 in the house :fume::fume::fume:

I'll swap you the St. Molten Street if you fancy it!! (Haven't got the box though as it was damaged in the post!)

Em xxx
I love the Victoria one. I'm wearing it right now.

If any of you want to see it, I have posted some photos of some jewellery in the section (the "How to post a photograph" thread). My talons feature in there holding some!!!
Just feel the need to explain the above post - Perdita has changed her avatar, it was the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Myers until today!! ;)

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