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Jun 29, 2008
I can't watch AY as it's too late for beauty products for me (cart, horse and bolted) and her continual use of the words 'literally' and 'actually' drive me literally nuts, I found this interesting article while surfing the net and thought it might interest my fellow pals (apologies if it's been highlighted before and old news)...

enjoy :D
Fabulous! That's actually a very good article.

I had a very long period of sick leave from work (almost two years) and QVC was much better than daytime TV - although jewellery-wise I can only watch Joan Rivers - and I still miss it on occasions. Now I have a toddler, I'm trapped with CBeebies and we have telly reception problems if it rains! I have to record anything I want to watch and hope the weather holds out!
Thanks for posting that Huggles.....It rings so true. Any one of us could have written it. But we go one step further and discuss it all on here. :elmo:

Actually, we have literally said it all before.........:D
That article is superb! It's like he's read all our minds isn't it?!

I found myself nodding in agreement at parts of it, esp the Charlie Brook slow opening of the jewellery boxes :D

Thanks for making me chuckle Huggles. ;)
I love your name fun-forest-run. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border=0 ></a>to the forum.:)
Why thank you yazrose!

I've lurked here for ages now and eventually plucked up courage to join in and I'm very glad I did!:D
A very interesting article and so true!

At least qvc are still a shopping channel with a variety of items unlike another shopping channel that shamelessly seem to prey on the obsessive crafter.

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