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Jun 29, 2008
Just got back from the Gem day preview in London. I tried to get some photo's so those who couldn't go can get an idea of what it's like (Bargainhunter especially) :)

We arrived outside Marco Polo House at 5pm..we think this is Julia Roberts bike but we could be wrong, what do you think?


We assembled in the foyer...


The lovely lady in the last photo is the receptionist, Sharon, and she said I could take as many photo's as I liked in QVC and agreed to let me take her photo even though she knew I'd be posting it on the internet. I didn't get into any interesting places like studio's or changing rooms, though.

I met two fellow QVC fans from Southampton...Terry and Mary. They hadn't been aware of so I hope they visit the forum as I think they'll enjoy the banter...hiya, Terry and Mary if you're reading this :60:

Next we went up in the lift to the 3rd floor to meet the models, Tanya and friend and had a quick introduction by Julian Ballantyne who is a lovely, lovely man :). We were offered a cup of tea and a cake...really pushed the boat out, didn't they?


No, I wasn't needing the toilet...just trying to pose :1:.


I had to cut me out of the photo with Pippa, she is so petite I looked like a giant hippo next to her. She was away to present a new american clothing show. I asked why we couln't get more British fashion on the lines of Gok Wan in 'How to Look Good Naked', Pippa said that they have a special relationship with the US QVC so it ain't going to happen in the near future, :2::42: She was wearing 'Ugg' boots with this outfit, by the way :32:. Anthony Heyward didn't mind me taking his photo but I told him it wouldn't be going on a dodgy porn site, just shopping his expression:D.

Guy Clutterbuck gave us a very informative talk and kindly spoke to me afterwards...we went down in the lift together, ooh, errr, missus :D. He said he loved Scotland and likes to bag Munro's (mountains over 3,000 feet). He says he worked on Scottish fishing trawlers at one point and began his gem hunting because he yearns for adventure. He said he used to sell gem stones to Tiffany & Co dressed as a carpenter with his gems in a tool box. He did that because he can't stand their pomposity and that's why he likes QVC so much because they're not exclusive. I really don't know whether all this is true but he is a very charismatic man and I'd like to believe him.

We all got a goody bag from the models before we left, I got a QVC mug, a QVC ruler, a QVC teddy, a disposable camera, a silver ring and a pretty beaded necklace. My sister got the same but instead of a ring she got a Kirks Folley necklace which looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker...we just cracked up laughing. I couldn't leave without a hot scoop...the QVC toilets have L'Occitane en Provence handwash and handcream...hold the front page :11:

The day was very entertaining but it was a real scrum seeing the jewellery and unfortunely somebody took the opportunity to help themselves to a couple of items off the luxury table. It was mortifying to think we had a tea leaf in our presence and they should be ashamed of themselves. Jullian said at the beginning it was based on trust that we were allowed to pick up and handle the jewellery...he gave the thief every opportunity to hand the stuff back discreetly, too. So sad...I feel absolutely terrible as it was a crummy way to end a entertaining day. I don't think we'll go back for anymore 'Gem Days' even supposing we are lucky enough to get another invite...I'll never know how small Julia Roberts really is but I'll just have to learn to deal with that :33:
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Thanks Huggles :clap:

The blonde with Tanya, is it Sally who models on QVC too?
thanks for the photos and the great synopsis of your day out....very interesting read. Perhaps Julia is so small and that's why you didn't see her....:54:
Thanks for the pics - I wasn't brave enough to take any! I didn't realise there was more than one preview and i kept looking at people at mine wondering if they were you! I'm glad I was invited to the morning one though - I don't like that Julian much.

How awful that someone nicked something :11: Did they find out who it was? Did they search everyone on the way out?
Thank you, fab photos too.

What no MB in the toilets as AY is always saying the posh places????:54:

I would have died at the thought they might think it was me to took anything.

Julian I demand you strip search me!:32:
Yes, shaw*gorby, I kept wondering if you were there, too :1:. Why don't you like Jullian? I think he's just the nicest person. I would have been more than happy to stay and be strip searched, preferably by Guy Clutterbuck but even by the police if necessary, however we were allowed to leave without any fuss. One of the guests said that if the thief was clever they would have hidden the stolen goods somewhere else so had we been searched they still may not have been found on them. I don't know the value of the stolen items but seeing as they were from the luxury table I'd imagine they weren't insignificant. Somebody said it was a ring and a single earring...I'm really hoping they were accidentaly dropped or knocked under the decorations, after all what use is one earring?

I didn't know the name of the other model with Tanya so her name may well be Sally, Sazza, as she is also a QVC model, I was too embarrassed to admit I didn't know her name so I didn't ask :eek:.
Some people!

Heavens aren't some people just terrible! Presumably the thief had it all planned out. You just have to refuse to let people like that spoil it for everyone else. Good on QVC, though, for not making a humungous fuss over it and making it even worse for everyone, because if someone had stolen something of that value from me, I'd certainly have called in the police.
Like many of us, I think I'd've been volunteering to have my person searched to prove it wasn't me. When I went to Diamonique Day preview the only horrible thing that happened was the way two women kept pursuing Charlie around the room. Everytime he turned around they were there, tripping over their tongues! Trust me, that was truly embarrassing to the rest of womankind!
I had to cut me out of the photo with Pippa, she is so petite I looked like a giant hippo next to her. :33:

I'm sure you didn't, but she really is petite isn't she? And gorgeous too. Believe me, understand. There's a very good reason I recently passed on a photo with supermodel Jodie Kidd!

Huggles thanks for all the photos and a great synopsis of your day. Wish I could have been there. It would have been lovely to meet all. Hope I do get another invite and I can make it. I posted my invites to another forum member but unfortunately they did not receive them on time (even when posted first class).

Thanks again for taking time to take photos and post them here.


BH xx
I'm not sure why I don't like Julian. I suspect it's because he's northern (like me) but he overdoes it a bit. Those same models were at my "do" (wearing the same clothes!) but I don't know their names either! As was Guy Clutterbuck :1:

Maybe the thief only had one ear :18::18:

What did you think about those QVC gold and gem buyers? They looked no more than 15 years old to me!
Btw, my invites are still in my handbag - no-one asked to look at them once. The nearest we got to identification was when we were asked our names when they were handing those pads out.

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