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Sep 2, 2008
South Wales
Hi Jantac,

Hope you are well. Unfortuanatly Graham deleted your thread on the move over, bless him, so i had to open this one.

I had a reply from Steve about the Black rough cut Diamond Necklace and this is his opinion -

Cost to produce Sample £200
Probable High Street Value £600 -£800 :1:

Well chuffed to bits lol.

Ah well, gotta run, maybe speak later.



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Thanks for letting me know, I've been wondering

It was lovely of Mr B to get back to you (and very interesting to see what the High Street mark up would be on a piece of jewellery:54:) I think you've got the pick of the prizes there, it's amazing that Rocks ever gave it away.

Really pleased for you Apple, you lucky thing!
Lovely prize! Very lucky lady...would go nicely with my black diamond ring thats on the way if it ever fancies a holiday :54:

What a smashing thing to own,I sooo wanted to win that but never stood a chance....must swot up in future!:22:

And what a valuation!

Enjoy wearing it,Appleby:1:
I'm really impressed with the jewellery from rocks, I wonder if they're just operating on an incredibly low profit margin or the high street shops and other online etailers are literally coining it in!!!
It all seems to good to be true, I can't wait to get my first piece of something nice :1:
:1:If any of you were gems tv buyers in the early days they sold the same necklace as Applebys in various gems i have three i purchased in that style in black spinel ,garnet and amethyst they really nice to wear i dont think they did the black diamond though cant remember seing one so it may of been to expensive to produce ,i recognise a few similar designs that are prizes that may of once been gems items if thats the case it's well worth winning as there things were always well made and good value.well done Appleby you got a corker:1:
Thanks everyone :1:

it is a lovely necklace, not too OTT for me too which is a bonus. I like the simple, small, delicate designs so this works a treat, although i haven't actually worn it yet hehe.

The piece would have valued more if the diamonds had been placed onto a quality gold chain instead of the tassle/material - but to be honest i sooo much prefer it this way as its modern & elegant and as Milly has said before, its just so easy to wear as you just slip it over your head and then adjust it at the back via the tassle etc.

I have to say that Milly is a lucky gal to have this type design in other gem stones as i would love to see them up for auction on Rocks :1: Maybe Rock's new designs will incorporate a few pieces like this......can only hope as i'd definitly be interested!!! :1:

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