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Jan 2, 2009
Anybody seen Debbie Paver in the Flyflot advert? Is it new or have I just not seen it before? Trade at IW must be slow if they're splashing out on a tv advert. Wonder if the featured flyflot will entice peeps to enter the world of Fleaflot. (Baby pink open-toed mule - Simply divine with a feather boa!)
This is a new advert, which also mentions pavers and padders. As Ideal World are not referred to, or the name on screen, in the ad as an outlet for the line, I think it is more likely to have been placed by Debbie Paver than IW.
Also, if IW had placed the ad, I don't think Debbie would look so glamorous or be the focus of the ad.
It is more likely that she is doing what any hard nosed business person would do: finding all possible outlets for her products. She has put herself into the public arena via IW and now is optimising her selling output.
Pavers are part of They sell Fly Flots, Pavers, Padders and loads of other shoes - some designer type ones to. I've bought shoes from them, they charge a flat £3.99 postage and if you pay an additional 99p you don't have to pay anything else to return them.
Bet this is him

I haven't seen it again either. I rarely have the tv on during the day and the only time I saw it, was late afternoon. Maybe it's not on in the evening?
She looked very airbrushed and unfrowny!!

I saw it yesterday!
It popped up in the middle of an episode of Columbo which i'd recorded so I got to watch it over and over and over.
Debbie Pavers in bed, whatever next!! :9:

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