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Aug 4, 2009
southfields london
These pictures do not by any means do justice to this gorgeous 7 + carat Paraiba, but have promised to try and show you. It is a fab ring, sits beautifully, and i love it to bits. Also showing the Lorique natural violet sapphire which is so yummy i could eat it! The 3rd ring is the smaller Paraiba, 3.5 ct but such a beauty, cut well and plys with light exceptionally well. The 7 carat baby does seem to be bluer in some lights, but a blue green in the daylight. I hope you enjoy seeing them. C x Hollywood


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Any offers of photographing jewellery in carp lighting and with shaky hands gratefully received....:grin:


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They all look fab - which is the 'wrong' one? Don;t recognise that one - is it the violet sapphire?

N x
To keep or not to that is the question

It would be such a wrench to part with either of the paraibas..i love them both for different reasons..but common sense says one of them should go back..don't know..can't decide what to do..the ring in the wrong pic is a Lorique tanzy,,an absolute stunner, also in heavy platinum with good size diamonds..sent it back..sad but wanted Paraiba more! Tanzanite is next on the wish list x
Many thanks for posting all the pics Briolette and appreciate all your effort. It does some time and patience, but you did very well. Though you did have me going with the second pic.....was thinking for a violet made an excellent Tanzanite. And you sent that one back....its gorjuss! I'm right in line after Nikki to nab it. mysmilie_1436

Do you have to choose between the two Paraibas then? I think I have a favourite, but seeing them in the flesh and in different lighting conditions is all important. Btw your Sapphire is a wonderful colour, well done on a great haul. :clapping:
Thanks Sacha, think you will have a fight on your hands with Nikki!!!
Thanks for your lovely really is blimmin hard to get good photos isnt it?! I'm glad you like the rings..the purple sapphire is my favourite and i wear it a i said its a wrench but will have to think hard about sending a paraiba them both to hve a comparison..didn't realise i would fall for them both! x :wave2:
I love the sapphire i'm not surprised you treat it like a Queen lol both Paraibas are stunning enjoy wearing them all in good health x
Love the Sapphire and the tanzy that went back!!! I prefer the smaller PT personally but its a tough decision - good luck choosing xx
Thanks BH! really tough decision cos the larger one cost twice as much!! Luckily i love them both so whichever i keep i know i will be happy with x
:wow: Absolutely gorgeous Briolette, I dont know you managed to part with that Tanzy, it was amazing. Love the paraibas, in the end it just comes down to personal taste, on the other hand you've got 10 fingers, so maybe keep them both :4:
The pear cut Paraiba is just stunning, as is the violet sapphire which I am in utter lust with. I can see why it'd be a wrench to part with any of them. You are a very lucky lady that you get to keep any of them. I am green with envy. :envy:
thanks jaqualina, mad4gems, countessk and i've finally got round to learning to post pics i'll be away! I've really enjoyed seeing all of yours and love seeing what other peeps favourite stones and styles are! x :hi:
I just love your purple sapphire Briolette and of the two PTs I would definately choose the pear cut, it's elegant and more flattering on the hand imho. I didn't realise Rocks sold classy pieces like these so watched for a while last night, but thought their prices were rather high in the Lorique range?? Maybe I watched at the wrong time. :WHO KNOWS: I saw a gorgeous 2.56ct (?) pink sapphire & diamond ring which I loved but wasn't tempted enough by the almost £2k price tag. :pPC:

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