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Jun 25, 2008
Was going to post this sooner but had some valuations done on my diamond solitaire ring and pendant. The jeweller commented on what stunners and lovely pieces they were.
Diamond solitaire ring, bought for £699 and valued at £1675 jeweller estimated stone was approx.70ct

Diamond solitaire pendant bought for £264 and valued at £520, just noticed that he hasn't put that its 18k wonder if that has any bearing on his valuation?

Anyway I love both pieces and feel happy that they are valued at more than I paid for them.

If you nip down to coloured rocks I'm posting a valuation on there too.

BTW Meesh I checked my numbers and this falls within your number range, so I anticipate a letter on Monday.
I am Jools, I had stalked Gems for ages waiting until they finally did a line of solitaire jewellery (their purity range I think) I had longed for a set, so the valuation was an added bonus.
That's great news. They're lovely pieces too. As you say, you really wanted them so the valuations are definitely an added bonus. Hope they bring you good times and good luck. :Happy Dog:
Great valuations. It feels good when they come back more than you paid doesn't it.
Beautiful timeless pieces Jo and great news on the valuations. I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Enjoy!
Very nice indeedy, Jo!!

Your earrings are lovely too!

You must be
with the valuations!

Now isn't it about time you got yourself back up beside me on this rickety ol' wagon?
Hiya Jo, I recall you getting those pieces from the Purity range ( I nearly typed purty range!). Am delighted you got good
valuations and that the stone in the ring is even larger than you thought.

I bought a smaller one in this range and was told that they are SI clarity diamonds and do indeed sparkle very well.
Hope your other ring turns out to be OK.
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Thanks for all your comments peeps.

Fluffy shhhhhhhh I've got one little delivery to come and then I am definately hopping up on the wagon. I don't like this new delivery business tho', I know its been shipped and I can track it but when the b****y h**l is it getting here!!!:mad:
well done on your valuations Jo. you've got classic pieces there that will never date.

Having seen some other pieces from the Purity range, you've got yourself some nice pieces there. A half carat is my ideal size, but to find you've got nearly 0.70ct is really something of a result hun. very well done indeed.

PS: hope that other ring is not one of the compromised ones. Sxx
Superb valuations Jo, very comforting to have an endorsement from the Valuer. They are so classy, you must get lots of comments wearing them. ;)

You are certainly spoilt for choice in your collection! :D

I bought that diamond solitaire ring last year for £499. I bet your so happy with the valuation. I hope mine is worth the same!!!!


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