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The very reason I binned mine - flat after every night. No way am I going to strip, fluff & remake the bed every day :(

Wish it had lasted a week before it went flat!!
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Ours is shoved in the store room as all the fluffing up creased my back.It was as flat as a pancake every morning .
We bought a memory foam matress instead and it's bliss :57:
Mine only needs 'fluffing' once a week but then I do sleep alone!:31:
Hi the easiest way to 'fluff' is to shake it diagonally - so bottom left towards top right etc.

I have dreadful problems with my back but I can manage to do this. I don't take the fitted sheet off completely - I just undo it at the foot of the bed and give it a good shake. I sleep alone as well and it only needs doing every 3 or 4 days.
My son taught me a techniique - we call it bed angels. You run and dive onto the bed from the bottom then move your arms up and down like if you were making a 'snow angel'. This seems to push the feathers up to the top more (they always end up at the bottom for some reason) and then the arm waving plumps the sides up. Then all you need is a quick shake to remove your imprint and you have done.

I am not sure if it is the best method but it is great fun on bed making day - we argue about who is going to do the bed angels today!!!!!!:lol:
I do the same as Miss QVC, diagonally ...I also put my NN fitted sheet over, just, the feather bed, not the matress, never have a problem with it slipping, fluff it up every single morning :9:..couldn't sleep without it now! but mine is a single.

i have a feather bed from a company called comfycozee in fenwicks. its down on top and still stuffed solid. i have had mine 6 years now and really only fluff it up and turn the top to the bottom every time i make the bed to wear it evenly.i have boughta couple from qvc and the quality is not that good, not enough feathers for one thing. this is the secret if theyare nor stuffed enough then they go flat and need constant plumping.
I had this particular feather bed from QVC, despite fluffing it weekly after about 18 months it needed fluffing daily and I gave up on it. I have a memory foam topper now and wish I had bought that in the first place and saved myself a lot of cash.
I agree with you a million%. The fluffing up got on my nerves as did the feathers coming out and poking all the way through the down top. I now have a Memory Foam topper and absolutely love it.
I'm hoping a memory foam topper will be on sale somewhere after Christmas as I'm dying to get one.

I loved my NN feather topper the first night I slept in it, but it went flat & I have problems with my wrists that left me nagging DH to fluff it - a job he hated so it rarely got done :2:.

I wish they'd mention that it needs fluffing every day, but more importantly, that at 19kgs (I weighed it), it's not an easy task! They know they have a lot of disabled viewers & should state the weight of the toppers so that customers know exactly what they're getting. As soon as I realised it would be too much to handle I wanted to return it, but the cost was extortionate.
Bin it or let the dog sleep on it and save up for a good thick foam topper, you will never get a better night's sleep. :pPC:
I have a NN feather bed and my boyfriend has a memory foam mattress. They are both REALLY comfortable. My feather bed does need fluffing weekly and despite a dodgy back, I dont find this a problem. I feel like I am sleeping on a huge cotton wool ball. I also love my BF's memory foam bed. It feels like you are being cradled - the support is brilliant. The only down side with memory foam for me at the moment is it makes me very hot. I have hot flushes at night and when I am sleeping on the memory foam, I feel like I am going to melt it I get so hot. I dont get this with the featherbed - much more comfortable temperaturewise. I dont know what one I would go for if I had to choose - I really am happy with both.

Can any of you recommend anything that is useful in terms of comfort when chronic sleeplessness is a problem?
The thing that attracts me about the feather beds is the squigyness you fall into that's like a giant pillow

sleeping on foam doesn't feel like it would be so poufy

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