Favourite presenter. Who's yours?


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Jun 29, 2008
Who is your favourite presenter?

Mine is Julian and Pipa.

Julian cause he is lovely and pleasant to watch and listen too and lord knows he loves his family.
Pipa listens, learns and does not interrupt, is funny and her hair comes in all shades of the dulux colour chart!
Julian and Pipa
both great people to watch dont go over the top like a lot of them.
Sorry folks but it has to be Julia!

I know there have been many 'Julia' threads regarding her hair, weight, cleavage etc (which I admit I have contributed to :D) but I still think she's the best presenter there, she always asks the right questions and describes things fully and doesn't constantly interrupt guests.

And she always gives us something to chat about......:D
Clare from the females though my husband didn't like her dark roots and Julian from the guys as he's so enthusiastic. Jilly comes a close second from the women.
Another vote for Julian, he's fantastic, QVC take note, bring him on more!!!....I also like Debbie & Charlie.....Pippa is ok, unless she starts to ramble on about something completely unrelated to the item, she'll spend 3 mins talking about crap & then maybe 7 secs on the item :rolleyes: Julia I like, very knowledgable & professional.
Debbie Greenwood
I like the way she can make outrageous comments and make them sound totally innocent.
I like Debbie and Dale, and Kathy.

I really can't stand both Alisons, Anna and Julia - I always turn the sound down when they're on.
I like Pipa and also Catherine Huntley. I met Catherine and she is a lovely kind, warmhearted person. I also like Julian as he loves his family and again is warm soft person.
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Julian and Dale as they are both good for a laugh. Catherine Huntley, even though she's a gusher, is the only female presenter I can watch.
I like Julia and Julian. Julia at least tells us the sizes properly unlike others, and is nice to listen to.

Anne D am not to fussed on either, Nor Pippa actually, i get sick of her " Amazinnn and WOW's. sorry pippa fans

Claire i have to mute as she over acts and does my nut in. Ditto for Aly Young.

Charlie is to simpering, and Kathy makes me wanna throw my tv with all her waffling and umm's

Debbie is really funny, Jilly is ok, Dale loves himself to much, and Craig i cant listen to as he sounds blydi drunk all the time.

Simon is ok apart from saying NOW all the time, the rest are bearable.

Sorry went on a bit then.
I've always liked Julian as he comes across as a warm person whom you can have a laugh and a joke with and I've also liked Dale from the very beginning.

From the women it has to be Pipa as she never butts in when the guests are speaking and I've also liked Catherine since she started with QVC.
IClaire i have to mute as she over acts and does my nut in.
Charlie is to simpering, and Kathy makes me wanna throw my tv with all her waffling and umm's

Couldn't agree more with your comments here Ms Sawyer.

I also like Julian - was really impressed when I saw him doing an LE show once.

I also, and am probably in the minority here, like Alison Young. Ok, she does tend to talk over people but she gives valuable advice rather than wittering on about the stuff.

TBH I only really watch the beauty shows that I know AY is on as all the other presenters do my head in now.
Women: KT closely followed by CH. Most of the rest are space cadets like PV or pretentious like AK, or caterwauling like AY. SG not bad, if she's still there.

Men: DF and CR. Most of the others are smarmy (CB, SB) or space cadets (AH).

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