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Apr 24, 2009
Hi, I got an email from TJC about an amber ring i bought for a friend. I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to it and put it away until her birthday. The email suggested the amber might be synthetic so I took a closer look, and sure enough, in good light, it was nothing like my own amber. I also noticed it says how many labs confirm authenticity, but not how many don’t.
Just like to add I haven’t been on here for years, and I’m really enjoying the conversations.


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Anybody watch TJC earlier today? They had the conch shell jewellery on some very pretty pieces all in silver and also cheap. How is that? Gemporia were charging the earth for theirs as it was way beyond rare! Obviously they all go to the same supplier. I just had a quick look and at Gems and lo and behold its Jade!!! What can I say?
This is the good thing about TJC certainly in more recent years

They make mistakes you could say quite a few but any 24/7 channel will but they own up to them

I have heard in recent years

When deliveries have taken longer than expected, constant on-air apologies and on-screen messages

An old buyer bought some handbags which got a LOT of backlash directly answered on-air price was reduced to cost and never seen again

Very occasionally a piece will be on air and the presenter will say no we are not doing that due to a quality control issue ( a few times over many years I have seen this) but again it could be ignored

Plenty of others I can't recall as I type this
I was watching Marina on Wednesday on TJC and she was selling these bracelets with shells on but they were not conch shells.The small hanging shells were cowrie shells in fact.Absolute misrepresentation.Also,I saw Jess Foley presenting Tajik spinel and was claiming that they looked just like red diamonds lol and kept going on and on about the price per carat “in the industry” whilst constantly looking to the gallery and repeating “I know”!What does she know?Bugger all by the sound of her.

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