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Oct 11, 2009
hi everyone

I've been lurking on here for years but have registered just so I can say how wonderful rocks cs is. I gave my son's girlfriend a pearl & tigers eye bracelet and it broke within a couple of weeks and when I emailed rocks I told them that she could have broken it when playing with her dog. I asked if I could buy a replacement and they told me to return it and they would send another.

Well, they sent the replacement free of charge (even though it's not really their fault that the bracelet broke) AND they refunded the postage costs - this service is what will make me go back and back again :happy:

I stopped buying from TJC and gems purely because their cs was/is so diabolical and I am seriously impressed with rocks tv, many thanks Jessica for sorting this out and so quickly too :grin:
I love the CS team at Rocks - I mess them about something chronic and they always put up with me!! Am glad you got a replacement for your bracelet Marnie, and welcome to the forums!

N xxx
Rocks TV's CS is legendary, Marnie - many of us have had similar experiences! Nothing is ever too much trouble (or expense) for them to sort out.

Welcome to the Forum!
Hi Marnie welcome from me to- hope you enjoy the forum now your here and no more lurking lol and yes everyone agrees the cs is second to none
Welcome Marnie. Yes, the CS at Rocks is great, nothing ever too much trouble for them. What's more you, I and countless others will keep going back to buy more, won't we? So glad you got your bracelet sorted - others should learn from it (sorry, it's a bit of a sore point for me at the moment)!
A very warm welcome from me too Marnie! :hi:
Lurking ok, joining in even better! :up2:
Yep, their CS is in a class of its own, outstandingly brilliant & their CS people are all so nice too, an absolute delight to deal with! :flower:
That's really good to hear Marnie, i will pass on your compliments to our CS team
That's really good to hear Marnie, i will pass on your compliments to our CS team

Well please pass on mine too SarahB - I'm one of those unfortunates who still can't log in (securely!) nor access the checkout page (at all!) but the lovely Katherine & SuzieF have been a great help & are making it all much more bearable & much less hassle than I'd imagined, can't praise them enough! :flower:

Also Adrienna who sorted out a small problem for me very quickly & efficiently - I have probably only ever dealt with a tiny handful of companies over the years who could match Rocks great CS & none who could better it!

*sycophantic session over......cheque's in the post, yeah?.......* :giggle:
(Seriously though, I mean every word, they're brilliant!)
:flower:I used to buy a lot from Rocks, and when I have dealt with their CS, it's been brilliant...John Bennett once went out of his way to find a ring there was only one of, which I wanted for my sister, and sent it to me free of charge! She was so impressed she's now hooked and has spent a fortune...:clapping:

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