Fab 9-10mm pearl set


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Jun 24, 2008
I thought I would sing the praises of the lovely 9-10mm plaest pinky plum mix pearl set my mate bought from IW. I had my reservations when she told me it was purchased from IW (I do favour QVC usually). She said it did not have a silver clasp on it but hey whatever.
It looked fab. :D
I nearly bought a necklace in a QVC jewellery outlet show for £50 (it had a 14ct clasp) but so glad I did not bother in the end. My mates set (45cm necklace, stretch bracelet and drop earrings!) was half the price. The pearls were nicely colour matched, evenly sized, not all ridges and misshapen. They probably were not as sheeny as they could be but they looked lovely enough for me.
Guess what I will now go and purchase from IW if they have any left!:eek:

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