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Feb 11, 2009
Hi Folks,
Not been on the Forum for a while.
Anyone heard the rumour that QVC are extending their hours and going on one of the ITV channels at night.
They are already on other channels at night, well they was a while back not 100% they still are , it just simulcasts the QVC channel , no extra content
Yes I heard something. Don't think it's started yet but from midnight QVC will go out on ITV which is pretty exciting :)
There are programmes scheduled on ITV1-4 on the Sky EPG for midnight tonight; night screen usually kicks in about 3am and there's "teleshopping" listed on ITV2-4 from around that time. And if you're seriously insomniac you could watch repeated hours on +1 channels. :drunk:

I'd be suprised to see the ITV1 schedule cut out at midnight, reminds me of the National Anthem and white dot on BBC1 of yesteryear.

Jude xx
I totally agree Deanos. It's bad enough that the Sky movies are rep[eated without havjng to lose other channels. It won't affect me though, I will be tucked up in bed asleep.
Not sure if it already been mentioned on here but looking at the TV guide, they are doing an extra live hour at 2am starting in a couple of weeks time.

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