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My husband got me one of these for Christmas and I love the grey colour of the metal. Has anyone got any ideas what the TSV might be like as I hope it is a nice one so I can spoil myself, I need it after the month I am having.:31:
Actually have another question: How are some of you able to find out the TSV's so early?
Also want to say thank you to everyone who posts on here. You often make me smile, and I have found some of the information I gathered on here invaluable/ informative.
Claudia just showed it in the last hour - it is a diamonique bangle - looks nice. Will definately have a look on thursday.
I missed it as I was n ot watching, but thanks for that, at least I know its a bangle.
Is that it Claudia is wearing in the start of the video in the Planet Zog thread ?
Yes it looks very much like the one she showed the other night as it has diamoniques all the way around and was about 1/2 inch wide. Looked nicer when I saw it than the small bit you can see in this video though.
Eternal By Diamonique 3ct tw Expandable Bezel Bracelet Stainless Steel
Item Number: 692719
QVC Price £27.50
Today's Special Value Price £22.85
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Achieve chic, contemporary styling with this Eternal by Diamonique expandable bracelet. Made from stainless steel, it showcases sparkling round-cut Diamonique stones bezel set along the length of the bracelet creating a sleek, polished finish. It's ideal for those who struggle with solid bangles or clasps in bracelets - simply slip it on and allow the expansion links to make the perfect fit. The links also help retain the look and feel of a bangle. Total equivalent diamond weight: 3.6 carats.
I didnt like it either from the glimpses I have been catching of it during the past few days but having watched the presentation, I have decided to go for it. There is a shop locally that sells stainless steel jewellery. Its lovely but a lot more expensive than what has been shown so far and its only set with CZ just the same.

waited so long to have a look but have to say that I don't like it either, but they have a nice pendant I am thinking of getting instead 693125, so will have that one instead.
have a good day everyone:1:
I'm the same. Don't like the TSV much. I prefer the Tacori range, which although I know is more expensive (too expensive for some items!) is very pretty.
i did not realise till lunch time it was steel, it reminds of an expander wrist watch strap.
i did not realise till lunch time it was steel, it reminds of an expander wrist watch strap.

I have ordered it Grovesy as I really like the look of it but I am worried that it will 'nip' as the old watch straps used to.


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