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Aug 13, 2008
Sorry, I'm behind the trends. :12: Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Stinger and the Bronte in the Emu boots? Looking at the mini, the Stinger is almost double the price. Thanks!
I'm not sure to be honest. I have some uggs which are sheepskin and they're lovely and cosy. I guess sheepskin would have to be in one piece where as with the merino wool you could have the outers and inners separately. So maybe they cost more to produce?
Don't know the difference but I have a pair of Emus in merino wool (not from QVC) and I love them. You wear them without socks and it's like having a duvet on your feet so personally I wouldn't pay the higher price. They don't make my feet sweat either!
I bought emus from Amazon, I have the merino wool ones they were £40 in the chestnut colour they are warm, cosy and very comfy plus free p&p

I am quite fancying a pair of these or uggs but the cost has put me off a bit - £40 sounds good. How do they come off for sizing - I am a 5 1/2 would I need to go up or down, or do they come in half sizes?
i have both the stinger and the bronte. the price is a reflection of the quality i am afraid. bronte are seude with a wool fleece bonded to it.
stinger is a real sheepskin and i feel offers a more luxurious, denser,warmer boot. which is more water repellent and sturdier but i still like me brontes but not as much.
I am quite fancying a pair of these or uggs but the cost has put me off a bit - £40 sounds good. How do they come off for sizing - I am a 5 1/2 would I need to go up or down, or do they come in half sizes?

I'm a 5 1/2 and got a 6 which fit fine, I think they are better a bit bigger than too small as your toe would poke through the end. Mine are Stingers and my sister has bronte's both of us think the Stingers are far better quality and I have just ordered another pair they are so comfortable and cosy. I got mine from here http://www.puddlebeach.com.au/Browse.aspx?DepID=4&CatID=88
Just one more question.....

How big are they round the calf - I have fairly large calves will they fit ok or are they tight?
I got the petite ones as I have large calves and didn't want to chance them not fitting, when they came I like them better than the taller ones as I don't feel so bundled.
i have the stinger and take a size 8. they measure 18" across the top so quite generous. nice to see they are on easypays.hope this helps.
Thanks for the info, folks, only reason I would buy from QVC would be the ability to return them. I have a VERY wide foot and huge calfs. (that's why looking at the mini) Most reviews say Bronte is larger than size, is that true with Stinger as well?
I am really confused now - have been reading the reviews and some say go up a size and some say go down???

I might just get a pair from qvc so I can try them for size and return then get a pair from Amazon or Puddlebeach.
I have got sheepskin and merino wool ones, although both are cosy i love my sheepskin ones way more comfy and it just hugs your feet!The merino wool ones are warm and cosy to but tbh the wool has bedded down alot more than the sheepskin has, and ive also noticed that the wool comes out with my foot (i don't wear socks).

Re sizing i'm generally a size 5 but ive got 4's in the emu's, but even they vary (sorry to add to confusion lol) but my sheepskin ones are perfect but the merino wool ones are bigger could of got away with a size 3 in them!Both of my pairs came from asos in their sale practically half the price of qvc with quicker delivery!

Word of warning though, the tags inside are in a stupid place if you want to roll them over the tag will show, so been clever i cut them out :33: not so clever the stitching on the outside of the boot is attached to the tag therefore i ended up with holes on the side of my boot, spent hours sewing them back up!!
I am a size 36 which should be a 3 and a half but got the 3 in the Emu Mini Bronte. I am walking out of them and am looking at getting insoles. I tried wearing socks but they walk down and you have to keep stopping to put them up. The size 3 is like a pair of wellies on me really roomy even round the ankle.
I am looking at just getting sheepskin insoles for them.
The stinger is pure sheepskin - really thick and gorgeous and about 1/2" deep. It;s a lot thicker than the merino which is also pure wool, but quite a bit finer.

Size: I take a 5.1/2 normally and ordered a 6, which fits perfectly.

Re buying from Puddlebeach - be very careful. I ordered from them last year and although their prices are brilliant, I got nobbled for £77 import duty which made them more expensive than QVC:11: in the end.

Can't fault the boots though - they're so cozy

Pauline x
I've taken the plunge and ordered the Stinger on easy pay, at least I can send it back - though they'll probably send me a letter threatening to close my account because of all my returns!

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