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Jul 1, 2008
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas showing off all your bling, I know I did. What do you do with all your empty boxes, I have only been shopping with rocks for a week and have over 40, I was thinking if I get an invite to the opening of taking them along and handing them back. It seems such a shame to just bin them.
Take them to your local charity shop because they can always do with boxes to display the jewellery that's been donated.
Thank you Meeshoo, I never thought of doing that. I can't believe how many boxes I have after just one week, hate to think how many I will end up with if I can't control myself.LOL!
I made a storage box for pendants: Took one of the big necklace boxes, took out the velvet-covered card lining, removed the two tags the necklace hooks onto, then folded the card edges the other way and pushed it back into the big box, so it sits on the bottom. Then I took the pendant boxes, cut off both flaps, and put the boxes side by side in the big box - you can fit about six or eight in. The pendants then sit one to a box, altogether so you can see them and choose easily which one to wear...

Also made a ring box - took out the velvet sponge pads from the little boxes, and fitted several together in another big necklace box - you can also slot rings between the pads...(someone else had this idea on here a while ago...)

Have got a pic somewhere - will post if this isn't clear!
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So it was! Credit where credit's due! I didn't know many people's names then - I remember now..! Got to be honest and say I had actually thought of it before you posted that, but didn't think to mention it for some reason! Well done you for doing so..! :1:

For small rings, you could cut slots in the pad inside a bracelet box...
Ive made a jewellry box out of some of mine, would post a pic but not sure how to do it.:33:
Ive made a jewellry box out of some of mine, would post a pic but not sure how to do it.:33:

hope i've done this right.


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Well done Piggy, I'm running out of places to hide my boxes:4:

:13:well done to you clever people not only a good recycling idea but so good to be able to see a lot of your bling in one go saves loads of rummaging in loads of small boxes trying to remember what you've got:54:
Well done piggy :1: So ingenious, using the tabs for handles! Can you describe how you made the "drawers"?

There's a link on here somewhere about posting pics...Basically you need to get them on to a host site, like Photobucket or Imageshack, then that tells you how to get them on to a forum such as this...

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