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Sep 19, 2009
Hi guys

there's a long story involving a stupid husband and an unpaid direct debit behind this question which I won't go into here but which results in me needing to email Steve about my basket. I have sent an email to [email protected] but have had no reply yet....have I got the address right?

Much love

A very tired nikki / bubbly xxx
That is the right address for Steve but if it is about your basket then you might be best e-mailing [email protected] as that will get to customer service who deal with baskets, orders etc.... and you should get a reply very quickly.
Thank you sazza. I will email help but wanted to email Steve also as it's a particular purchase I wanted to explain about
Norty Nikki! :giggle: Is this another Alex by any chance? Think I spotted you buying one the other day :up2: Just being nosey - tell me to mind my own business if you want. Hope you and hubby manage to sort things out. xxx
Hi guys . Just thought I'd check in. After a couple of weeks of weird crossed wires cosb
of the new help people who didn't seem to know about my emails I have finally got sorted. It's been a bit awful for me cos my hubs had racked up a debt of a huge amount which I had to clear so no more blinging for me for a while. I had to giv up my alex but unfortunately have had a hard time with that - although the gorgeous Suzie and rachael were trying to deal with it I was still getting emas and phone xalls asking me to check the ring out asap - was very upsetting so I've been off the beg for a few weeks. Hope you are all well and will be in to say hi from now on!!

N xxxx
Pleased you finally got it sorted, Nikki.

Bet you gave your OH a good
.... is he still in the doghouse?

Shame about the Alex :sad: but there'll be another one for you when the time is right. In the meantime have these

Good to see you in the Chatroom last night ... don't leave it so long next time.

Have just logged in for the first time in an age and want to apologise for the typos - I was using my iphone to write the message. Hope it made some kind of sense!

Am taking a tentative step back into the world of Rocks - has taken me this long to get over the humiliation and the phone calls etc......

N xxx

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