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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Just got home to a card from QVC about the launch of this new range.
The pix on the front are very reminiscent of the Tookalon range on Rocks.tv - I'll be interested to see how the pricing is.
Very funky and chunky, looking forward to seeing what they've got.
FYI it's from ELLE magazine and described as cool contemporary jewellery in a mix of the latest urban style with the classic look, with oversized stones and layers upon layers of shiny stones.
Launches Tuesday 16th Sept at 9pm.
I did like the Cosmopolitan bags range, hope this carries on the tradition of magazines bringing us funky goodies.
Elle Premiers

not cheap but looks nice

Elle Polished Cuff Bangle Sterling Silver

Elle 19.5ct Blue Sandstone Asymetric Bangle Sterling Silver

Elle 18.8ct Blue Sandstone Asymetric Ring Sterling Silver

Elle Hammered Oval Tassle Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

Elle Bamboo Square Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver

Elle 63.2ct Blue Sandstone Pendant & 61cm Chain Sterling Silver

Elle Sculpted Multi Gem Link Detail 19cm Bracelet Sterling Silver

Elle Multi Gem Pendant & 40cm Omega Chain Sterling Silver

Elle 37.4ct White Jade Oval Link 84cm Necklace Sterling Silver

Elle 28.6ct Smoky Quartz Pendant & 40.5cm Necklace Sterling Silver

Elle Multi Gem Oval Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

Elle Graduated Hammered Drop 45cm Necklace Sterling Silver

Elle 1.85ct Black Agate Interlinking Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

Elle Hammered Oval Link 19cm Bracelet Sterling Silver

Elle Ruby Detail Criss Cross Ring Sterling Silver

Elle Ruby Detail Criss Cross Cuff Bangle Sterling Silver
Dale showed a few pieces from this range when they had the 3 hour Silver Event a couple weeks ago.
wow some of those pieces are lush, especially the blue sandstone pendant - but £91?!? ouchy
Really like the bamboo earrings...and worked out the odd price would make it to easy pay...but then saw that the rubies would be at the back of the earring...bit of a waste for someone with long hair like me! oh well, just saved myself a fortune...looks like the printer might win after all
I agree with everyone- They all look nice but the prices are a bit steep!
good grief!!! those prices are ridiculous! will definitely NOT be purchasing anything from that range. QVC must be off their rockers lol
Goodness gracious me who do QVC think we are ? Do they not know that for most of us buying jewelry is a luxury not a necessity and at those prices only a very few are going to be able to afford any thing from this range how ever much we like it. So sorry QVC I for one am going to have to pass on these.

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