Elemis 4 Piece Tri-Enzyme Discovery Collection


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Apr 14, 2009
Has anyone tried this? It seems to get some good reviews on the site. Can't make up my mind

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Hi Martha

I've used the Tri-Enzyme face wash and the new Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask stuff and find both very good. Not miracle products but they do make my skin seem more radiant and reduce the size of my pores.

I would recommend them.

I like the tri enzyme wash, haven' t tried the mask yet.
it leaves my skin silky smooth and prefer it over my all time favoutite Great Myster from Philosophy
My skin is normal, with a more oily nose area
I have tried the serum and night cream, but the sample were quite small and couldn't se results after week. (serum anf nightcream are very pricy imo)
Funny isn't it because I used a small bottle of the wash and whilst pleasant to use didn't really see any difference after use. Yet others seem to rave about it.
^^lol, thought I too was the only one !

I really liked the tri-enzyme range whilst I was on it.

However, was forced to accept defeat after a 6-week trial since I saw no real 'results' on my skin - and as such could not justify the pricetag. My skin suffers from acne and scarring now and again, so was hoping for that to reduce. . . but couldn't really see any improvement, and neither on my hyperpigmentation, except that it brought it out more prominent! :33:

Soon as I switched back onto my KarinHerzog oxygen routine, I noticed that my skin became gorgeous, even-tone and plump again within a few days. Personally on my skin, I prefer KarinHerzog over the tri-enzymes which was so drying, despite using the marine cream in the daytime.
However, despite my mediocre results with the Elemis tri-enzyme range, I just caved in and bought the brand new '4 pce try me kit' simply to sample the mask. :21:

I may actually just use Elemis tri-enzymes in much the same way that I use Alpha-H, (as a short one week boost when not using KarinHerzog or Gatineau/LizEarle regimes) in order to spruce up my skincare routine.
Firstly apologies for dragging up this thread.

I've been using this kit for almost 2 weeks now. I'm very impressed with the results over all. Although not a miricle product for me, it's darn close! I'd thought about trying this kit for a while and was waiting for it to come back into stock.

I opted for this as I was noticing more lumps and bumps under my skin which previously only seemed to respond to an extraction facial. I have an oily/combo skin with breakouts, blackheads and acne scarring.What I have noticed is less lumps and bumps, some diminishing of pore size, slight fading of previous scars, blackheads disappearing and a clarity.

The kit hasn't suddenly given me brand new skin but after only a couple of weeks I'm seeing a definite change for the better.And, at far more reasonable price than regular facials to control the congestion. Doesn't mean it's going to last, especially with my skin but I have been sufficiently impressed to buy another couple of kits.

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