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Its a spade!
Jun 25, 2008
Sorry but I can't take any piccies for you as I've packed my camera, but let me just scream out loud - THANK YOU ROCKS!

I've had my first two deliveries and am chuffed to bits with both. In delivery no: 1 was my 1ct white gold diamond cluster ring @ £93. In a word - beautiful. The diamonds are very white, SI graded and sooooooooooo sparkly. The ring itself is a perfect fit too, and is going to turn into one of those staple pieces that gets worn on evenings out.

Also in no: 1 was the Ivy pendant in silver. So weighty! Very shiny too and a great piece for everyday wear. The diamonds are tiny, but have sparkle enough to be noticeable. I didn't expect the diamonds to be any larger and for the price I got a real bargain.

No: 3 from No: 1 was the garnet solitaire ring - wow wow wow! Stunning! Plain, classic and just my thing! Happy as a pig in poo by now as I'm sure you can imagine!

No: 4 - can't say much as its a pressie!

Now moving on to delivery no: 2 which weighs a blooming ton! It contains the moonstone necklace. How different? Extremely, and so so pretty. I'm not sure how often I will wear it to be honest, as I think its a piece for a certain time and place, but its gorgeous, so wonderfully heavy. I put it on with a white strappy top last night and it looked perfect. I just need to holiday in some expensive and exotic locations now! Or attend a few more weddings!

Item 2 from delivery 2 was the amethyst bangle - again totally different from my normal tastes, but again so pretty. The amethyts are nice and purple and huge too! Its also funky enough to look very trendy, but classic enough to look classy.

All in all - 10/10 to Rocks!

(PS I wanted something to be wrong to slow down my spending, but I honestly can't find fault - bugga! :eek:)
Glad you've had a sucessfull set of deliveries Debsie, All looked lovely when aired..fab pieces! Enjoy wearing them:)
Same here debsie, I am spent up till next payday already :(
The moonstone necklace sounds lovely, I saw it aired. It is certainly a statement piece and one you will be proud to pass down through generations to come.
So hard to just watch isn't it ladies, so many lovely pieces, so much temptation:eek:. I think i'm going to have limit my viewing time:eek:
me to tabs ,ive put my photos in my profile box if you want to see ,ive managed to do thatso far wiil get them more public wen i can:eek:
Debsie I agree 10/10 for rocks and like many I too need to limit my viewings!

Gorgeous pieces. Wear it in good health. Would love to see a photo of the moonstone necklace when you have access to your camera.
:) only me again,ive put my mystic topaz pendant in my profile box it came toady and its huge but stunning colours are WOW ,my pics prob pants ill try and move them over to here lol
:) HI Debsie I saw the moonstone on air and thought it was something special.
As for when you might wear it ,do like i do with my o.t.t pieces wear them at home in the evening and keep admiring yourself in the mirror that way you get to wear it more than a couple of times out on special occasions and you get the beauty from it .Gawd how sad does that make me sound lol.:D dont say anything you lot!!!!!:D
Fab pieces Debsie. I saw most of them seeing I never seem to be off Rocks(!) and they are all gorgoeous. Well done.
Debs, your haul sounds great hun. Look forward to seeing it when you get a moment.

which is your fave piece??

I like faffing about in chat while the bidding's going on. Love Barry's giggle when he keeps an eye on chat. Due to financial restrictions, am happy to hang out without bidding unless summat is likely to drop into my basket for a fiver - highly unlikely now there's so much competition out there lol.
stunning haul you have, unfortunately i am banned until next payday but that doesnt stop sneaking in the odd little piece, well we all deserve a treat every now and then dont we lol, enjoy wearing them hun im sure you;ll look fab:D

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