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Jun 27, 2008
I haven't bought from Gems TV in a long while, having been lured away by Rocks TV and Rocks & Co, so I decided to give them another chance.

I saw something on screen that I was tempted to buy, but when I clicked the "buy" button a message came up saying that it was a special TV game, and I had to phone. This has happened TWICE now, and in both cases there were at least 10 in the game.

I know they always used to limit it to phone buyers when there were only 1 or 2 in the game, and I can understand that in order to give the 'phone buyers a fair chance. But what's going on now? If Gems really don't want my custom, I'm happy to oblige by not giving it to them!

The other thing I find infuriating, is the nonsense of having items in stock but refusing to sell them to you. I saw a ring I liked in the online shop (which is really not a shop at all unless you are prepared to pay twice the amount the item will ultimately sell for - I can't believe that anyone actually buys anything from there). I therefore e-mailed the Personal Shopper, only to be told that they were not allowed to sell the item as it had not yet been on air.

I know this is not a new problem, but it is still ridiculous. If they have the item and are planning on selling it at a certain price, and I'm willing to buy it at that price, then where's the logic in not selling it to me? What am I supposed to do - pay 100% over the odds in the online shop? Or watch TV 18 hours a day for a fortnight in the hope that it comes up? Or, perhaps, take my custom elsewhere?

Now I will admit that Rocks & Co are almost (though not quite) as bad with the overpriced online shop, and they don't even have a personal shopper, but the jewellery is nice and some of the prices are outstanding, and I'm willing to cut them some slack as they're still quite new. And at least ALL their auctions are open to web bidders.

Rocks TV win hands down with their request system, so that if you see something you like you at least stand a decent chance of seeing it on air while you're watching, and getting it for a better price than on the Coloured Rocks website. If Gems TV were to introduce a similar system, and also stop making life difficult for us web buyers, I think they might stand a chance of enticing back some of their disillusioned former customers.
They're having the £1 games again this week, so games are all phone ins Miss M.

I gave up when they had the last £1 phone only

They're having the £1 games again this week, so games are all phone ins Miss M.


:11: M4G and Miss M i gave up on them the last time they did this!

If us webbys are not good enough to be included! then I for one have
turned my back on them, they dont deserve my custom once these so called £1 games are over this week,I shall not be web buying then, or in the near future either.:11:
Don't they want our custom? - short answer is NO I think!

So many regular customers are upset that I do wonder who still does buy from them. I don't any more after a bad experience with CS on my last purchase - it's just not worth the hassle.
I still buy from them, but shan't be doing so this week! I heard no prior announcements that this was to be yet another £1 sale week. Thought it was bad enough on the last two occasions when their phone lines were so obviously not coping with all the calls being made and customers having to hang on for be then told they weren't successful!

Even today in the small amount of viewing I did, I heard Fiona mention people were hanging up......not surprising really!
Not customer friendly at all imho. mysmilie_1476 Just who's 'bright idea' was this?

Now I see the new banner above and what really
me off is they say 'its back by popular demand'!
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I had some items in my basket from the weekend, this was the first order for ages after being a very regular buyer, after hearing the announcment that web buyers are barred this week chucked the jewellery out of basket, cannot be bothered anymore.

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